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Ubisoft has released a new set of crossover quests players can complete in both Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Both of these quests show different perspectives of similar events, with a culmination leading into the upcoming Year 2 content. On the Odyssey side there is a questline called Those Who Are Treasured. The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Those Who Are Treasured guide below walks you through how to complete this quest.

Where to Start Those Who Are Treasured

There are two methods to start this crossover quest depending on how far into Odyssey you got. Information on accessing the quest comes directly from the Ubisoft official blog:

  1. Have Beaten Game: Those that have beaten the main story of Odyssey will have the quest appear in their quest log and on the world map. The first quest is “A Great Escape.” You can then begin the questline.
  2. Have Not Beaten Game: If you haven’t beaten the game you can still playthrough the new quest. You need to have completed Chapter 1 and reached Megaris. If you meet this requirement is head to the island of Kephallonia and speak to Sami to start the quest “A Great Escape.”

Regardless of the method you will need to accept and start the quest if you wish to take part in it. Once you do you will trigger the first portion called “A Great Escape.”

Complete No Rest for the Misthios

The first portion of the quest line tasks Kassandra with leaving Greece for a more interesting destination. Speak to Sami and select “I’ll take the vacation” when prompted to this portion where you take a vacation to Korfu Island where you catch up six months later. At this point Barnabas will appear asking for your help. During this interaction you will need to choose a couple of dialogue options.

After the cutscene is complete you will take control of Kassandra. You will tasked with retrieving your gear from the hideout. To do this walk forward along the path until you reach the small cave entrance. Enter the cave move forward until you reach the large open room with the statue in it. Look to the right on top of the scaffolding and you will find your gear. Interact with the pile of shields to put it on to get your next objective.

The next objective is to Destroy the Dummies in the room. There are three dummies in the different corners of the cave. Use your bow or swords to take them out. Once the dummies are defeated leave the cave and Return to Barnabas. Speak to Barnabas back at the palace.

Where to Find the First Treasure

Barnabas gives you a treasure hint for you to follow. This hint points you towards the Lake of Katarraton to the north of the Southern Watchtower. Go to the location shown on the map above to find the location of the Stone Tablet. It is on a chair on the dock on the Lake of Katarraton.

Where to find the Instrument of Torture

Once you pick up the tablet you will need to find a new item which is a torture instrument used by the Cyclops of Kephallonia. This item is located in the Alieos Village near a pot filled with water. The village is located to the northwest of the lake so head there now. Once you are in the village make your way to the lower portion by the shore to find a pot with water and a goat walking around it. Interact with it and the “pirate actors” will attack. Defeat them and a cutscene will trigger. During the cutscene you are knocked out.

Recover your Gear

When you regain consciousness you will be in a prison cell. After speaking to the jailer you will need to retrieve your gear. To do this punch the cell door so it breaks and then head along the path in-front of you. There are enemies around so use the bushes along the right to sneak by them. When you are able go right so you are walking along the coast then head back and climb over the shipwreck to reach the chest there. Grab your gear and kill the Jailer and other enemies. Loot the Jailer to get the next clue.

Where to Find the Treasure Hunter Letter

Image showing the map location of the Treasure Hunter Letter in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The clue is for a letter that can be found on the southern coast in Lestikos Settlement. A marker appears on your map for the search area so head to that location when able. In the area use your bird to look for the treasure. It is located in the middle of the settlement at the map marker shown above. Once the treasure is highlighted head over to the chest and collect it.

Once you collect the Treasure Hunter Letter you will need to meet up with Barnabas and Herodotos. Both are located to the north of the settlement. Make your way over to them and speak to them to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will complete the No Rest for the Misthios quest. You receive the Korfu’s Greaves and Drachmae for your efforts.

Complete Not All Treasure Should Be Found

Upon completion of the No Rest for the Misthios quest you will unlock the next quest called Not All Treasure Should Be Found. This quest tasks you with entering the Sunken Temple to find the key inside. To do this make your way to the Heart of Korkyra located directly north of your position. Go to this location now and use your bird to highlight the objective which is a sunken ship.

Enter the water and swim through the sunken ship to reach the Sunken Temple. Inside the Sunken Temple get on top of the rope in the middle of the room and use it to cross to the ledge above. On this ledge you will find a small box. Loot the box to retrieve the key. Leave the temple and head northeast to meet up with Herodotos at the professor’s house in Korkyra Polis.

Where to Find Herodotos and the professor

When you reach the marked location to meet up with Herodotos and the professor they are not there. You need to find them. To do this you must investigate clues hidden around the area. There are four clues you need to find:

  1. Broken Pots: In courtyard.
  2. House: Go to the room on the back of the house. Shoot the pot through the doors. Head back to the other room and destroy the pot. Push object out of the way.
  3. Drag Marks: Along path outside second house.
  4. Sailor Rope: Climb through hole in the wood with vines on it.

Once you’ve gathered all of the clues listed above you will get a new marker to rescue Herodotos and the professor. This marker is located north of your position. This location and use your bird to scope out the Pirate Warehouse. Enter the northwest building to find another clue about the captives. This clue leads to the Quarry.

The Quarry can be found to the west of the Pirate Warehouse. Head to the location and make your way to the Captive Cage. Next to the cage is a note. Grab the note to learn about the Overgrown Ruins. This location northwest of the Quarry. Head there now.

Free Heredotos and Fight the Mad Captain

Image showing freeing Heredotos in AC Odyssey.

In the Overgrown Ruins you will find a tied up Heredotos. Free him to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene the Captain will appear. The Captain wants the key. You give it to him then are attacked. Defeat the enemies that appear (there are two sets). Once you’ve defeated the enemies chase down the Captain. This triggers a boss fight. Defeat the Captain to trigger another cutscene. After the cutscene you complete the Not All Treasure Should Be Found quest.

Complete A Message Delivered

After you defeat the Captain you will need to return to Herodotos in the Overgrown Ruins. Head back to this NPC and speak with him. This will trigger a new objective as part of the quest called A Message Delivered. This first objective is to Meet Aletheia in the Tomb of Phaiax.

Meet Aletheia in the Tomb of the Phaiax

Image showing the hole that leads deeper into the Tombb of the Phaiax.

From the Overgrown Ruins head to the north until you reach the Tomb of the Phaiax. Once you are close enough use your bird to highlight the entrance. There is a hole on the north side of the area that you drop down into to enter the tomb itself. Once inside you head forward until you reach a room that appears to be a dead end. In this room there is a wall you can break. Break it to reveal a passage leading deeper into the tomb.

Image showing the Lion Room in the Tomb of the Phaiax.
The Lion Room.

Head forward through the tomb until you reach a room where you can go right, left or into the water in the middle of the room with the lion statue. To start go into the water. Swim along the path and reset in the first room you can resurface in. Continue swimming and go through the hole in the wall. Head up into the room and move the two movables so the hole on the other side is revealed. Head into the next room and move the movable object to return to the lion room.

Go into the door on the right and follow it to the end. Move the movable to the left then backtrack slightly and look left. Here you will find another movable. Move it out of the way and go through the hole in the wall to go back to the lion room. Head through the last exit and move the movable out of the way. Go through both holes in the wall. Continue forward until you reach the room with Aletheia. A cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene leave the tomb.

Complete Power Corrupts All

Outside the tomb head to the southeast to the waterfall located there. Here you will meet with Herodotos and Barnanabas once again. This meeting triggers a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene you will start a new quest called Power Corrupts All. This quest tasks you with heading to the Peak of the Phaiakes.

Find and Reach the artifact’s crash site

Leave the waterfall and head to the northeast. Go to the crater to trigger a new quest to find Barnabas. Like we did previously you need to find clues in the area. There are five clues for you to find in and around the crater:

  1. Crater: Middle of the crater.
  2. Blood on Rocks: Northwest side of crater.
  3. Broken Sword: Next to blood on rocks.
  4. Charred Bodies: Group of burned bodies next to tree stump on northside of crater.
  5. Path Footprints: North from the charred bodies along path.

Once you’ve discovered all the clues listed above you can choose to go either North or Northwest. Going northwest leads to a farm where you must free prisoners then speak to them. Once this is done Herodotos will appear. You will learn Barnabas is in Kassiope and you must stop him.

Find and Stop Barnabas in Kassiope

Follow the coast to the east to reach Kassiope. In the city head to the Temple of Zeus. Enter through the open window on the scaffolding on the side of it. Once inside you will trigger a cutscene where you confront Barnabas. After the cutscene Barnabas will attack you using illusions. Defeat the illusions then talk to them. Assassinate all three of them when able to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you can decide to either reach for the artifact or the spear. Reaching for the artifact frees Barnabas.

Once you’ve made your decision a cutscene will commence and you will be prompted to return to the vacation house. Head all the way back to the house. Speak to both Barnabas and Herodotos. After speaking to the duo Kassandra and Barnabas decide to set sail across the sea towards…

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