Ascension Bluff Crimson Radio Guide – Borderlands 2

In the Ascension Bluff area on Pandora there are six Crew Challenges for players to complete. These Crew Challenges features the typical Dead Claptrap, Legendary Hunt, and Typhon Logs, but also two new ones. One of the new ones is called Crimson Radio. This Crew Challenge comes from Moxie. Below I will show you how to complete the Crimson Radio Crew Challenge.

Crimson Radio Location

Image showing the map location of the Crimson Radio Crew Challenge.

There is a large radio tower located to the northwest of The Droughts map transition. Head towards this tower and Moxie will radio regarding taking it down.

Sabotage the Broadcast Tower

Image showing the Crimson Radio console.

To sabotage the broadcast tower climb up the seacan looking container on the north side to reach the platform above. On this platform climb the north container again to reach a platform with a computer on it. Interact with the computer to sabotage the broadcast tower.

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