Arcade Brunch Live Event Guide – Far Cry 5

It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for another Live Event in Far Cry 5. This week’s Live Event has players leaving Hope County to play through the Arcade mode instead. To help you get all the loots, I’ve thrown together this quick Arcade Brunch Live Event guide. Let’s get to it.

Arcade Brunch Live Event Progression

Screenshot of the progression numbers for the Arcade Brunch Live Event in Far Cry 5 - Arcade Brunch Live Event guide

Check out the progression numbers for the Arcade Brunch Live Event in Far Cry 5.

This week’s Live Event is fairly straightforward to complete. All you need to do this week is playthrough the latest Featured or Top Rated maps in the Far Cry 5 Arcade for a total number of minutes. Here’s what you unlock for doing so:

Personal Progression:

  • 20 playtime minutes = 50 Silver Bars
  • 40 playtime minutes = 1887 “Arcade West”

Community Progression (PC)

  • 1 million playtime minutes = 50 Silver Bars
  • 2 million playtime minutes = Arcade Brunch Shirt

For a full picture of what exactly you need to do, let’s check out the Arcade Brunch Live Event text: “Infinite maps, infinite fun! Visit Far Cry Arcade and check out the latest featured or top rated maps. Playtime is in minutes. So basically play featured or top rated maps in the Arcade for 40 minutes.

Arcade Brunch Live Event Guide

As the progression points out, this is a fairly simple Live Event challenge this week. All you need to do here is play 40 minutes of Featured/Top Rated maps in the Arcade Mode of Far Cry 5. If you don’t know how to access the Arcade Mode, I will briefly walkthrough the multiple points of access below. If you do know, skip ahead to the accessing your loot part of this guide.

To access the Arcade Mode in Far Cry 5, you have a couple of options. The first option is in the singleplayer while you are out roaming. Throughout Hope County there are a number of Arcades littered around the world. These Arcade Machines can be interacted with to access the Arcade Mode. If you want to drop in from anywhere, at anytime, open your game menu and access the Online tab. Scroll to the Arcade tile and select it. Note: be sure you play on Featured/Top Rated maps for this Live Event.

Arcade Brunch Live Event Loot

After you’ve played Featured/Top Rated Arcade maps for 40 minutes you will have some goodies available in single player. Below I will walk you through how to access each piece of loot from the Arcade Brunch event.

  • Silver: Your rewards of Silver can be acquired by opening the Live Events Progression screen in the Online part of the menu.
  • 1887 “Arcade West”: From the weapon shop under the Shotgun tab
  • Arcade Brunch: Can be found in the character customization menu under tops.

Hopefully this quick guide helps you in completing the Arcade Brunch Live Event for this week. Check back again next week for help on the next Far Cry 5 Live Event.

Thoughts on this Arcade Brunch Live Event guide? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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