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I little while ago I highlighted a mission you got with your Season Pass in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey called The Secrets of Greece. In this mission we wandered around looking for 3 theorems to give to Demokritos. Once you deliver the theorems, the mission ends on a bit of a cliff hanger. What follows is another mission called Another Kind of Poetry which has a staggering Required Level of 42. To help you get through this mission, use the Another Kind of Poetry guide below.

Meet Demokritos

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You will find Demokritos near the dock on the northside of Patrai.

The first thing you want to do when starting this mission is make your way to Demokritos. Demokritos can be found in Patrai in the Achaia region. You will find Demokritos hanging out near the Docks. Make your way to him to start the Another Kind of Poetry Mission.

Objective 1: Follow Demokritos

Once you’ve made your way to Demokritos, you will learn that he wants to impress a girl with his theorem. He asks you to follow him to the woman’s house, so do that.When you arrive at the house you will get jumped by a number of enemies who are level 42. Defeat them and then speak with Demokritos. The bandits killed the girl he liked. Here you can choose two options:

  1. Read her your “poem.” – Demokritos will refuse and tell you that it is too late to profess his love. He will give you your reward and then tell you to leave him alone.
  2. We Should go. – Similar result to option 1. You say you should leave and Demokritos stays behind.

For completing this mission you earn the following rewards:

  • Inventor’s Helmet (Rare Head).
  • XP.
  • Drachmae.

That’s all for this mission. While it is very short, you get a nice chunk of XP and Drachmae for completing it.

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