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Castlevania Review 5

Netflix Original Castlevania Review (Season 1)

It honestly feels like Netflix is trying to kill me. The amount of anime they have been producing, or have available for me to watch, really makes it hard to accomplish much else. One of Netflix’s more recent original’s is...


Little Witch Academia Season 1 Review

Enricofairme here with another slice of that spicy Netflix original anime’s they appear to be interested in serving up. The last Netflix anime I reviewed was Blame!, which I felt was a fun ride. Now, we shift gears from anime...

Sword Art Online II review 4

Sword Art Online II Review

After watching and reviewing Blame! a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to dive back into more anime. Unfortunately I hadn’t found anything I’ve wanted to commit to (I still need to watch Cowboy Bebop), until today. A few years...

Blame! Netflix Anime Review 4

Blame! Netflix Anime Review

I logged onto Netflix today with the intention of watching Brad Pitt’s new War Machine, but instead ended up watching Blame!. Watching this anime was not really planned, but it’s been awhile since I weebed up, so here we are....