Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Togetherness Guide

There is a new currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons called Nook Miles. These Nook Miles are similar to Bells, but they can be acquired by completing certain tasks from the Nook Miles menu. One task you can complete is called Island Togetherness. To help you complete this Nook Miles task check out our Island Togetherness guide below.

How to Complete the Island Togetherness Nook Miles Task

Image showing how to complete the Island Togetherness Nook Miles Task.

One of the first Nook Miles tasks you can undertake is called Island Togtherness. This task can be found on the Nook Miles menu. When inspected the Island Togetherness has the following description:

“One of the goals of Nook Inc. is resident togetherness. Our gregarious-greeting initiative aims to reward you with Nook Miles just for chatting with residents. Try to talk to all your neighbors every day.”

To complete this Nook Miles task you need to talk to people on your island each day. To be more precise you need to talk to all your neighbors in a day. This can be easily done at the start of the game. Head around to your NPC neighbors and talk to them to complete this Nook Miles task. For completing the first step you earn 300 Nook Miles.

Completing this step doesn’t stop the quest. When you claim your rewards you will trigger the next notch on the card. Each subsequent notch is more effort and more Nook Miles rewards.

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