Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Craft Log Stakes

As you advance the story in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will reach a point where you are required to build a bridge. The recipe for the bridge is fairly straightforward, but there is one material you may not know how to get. This material is called the Log Stake. To help you get this material, read our how to craft Log Stakes guide below.

Where to Get Log Stakes Recipe

Image showing Log Stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Log Stakes are an item you can craft for yourself at any DIY Workbench. These items can be found under the Housewares tab. They look like wooden stakes (three on the picture). You should have this recipe from the start once you have access to DIY Workbenches. Once you have the recipe the materials required to create Log Stakes are:

  • 3x Wood.

This item is needs to be built to create bridges. This must be completed when you undertake the three house task for Tom Nook. You will need to build a few of these items to build your bridge. Also note Log Stakes can be used for other recipes, so keep that in mind.

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