Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Catch Coelacanth

In Animal Crossing New Horizons there are a number of activities for players to complete on their islands. One activity players can undertake is fishing. There are a great number of fish for players to catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons with some being more rare than others. Rare fish are spawns that rarely appear while players are fishing. These rare fish sell for high number of bells and must be caught to complete your Critterpedia. To help you find one of the rare fish use our how to catch Coelacanth guide below.

Coelacanth Critterpedia Information

Image showing the Coelacanth Critterpedia Information.

The rare Coelacanth is a fish you can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Like other rare fish getting the Coelacanth to spawn is largely up to chance. Here is Critterpedia information to help you catch the Coelacanth fish:

  • Northern Hemisphere Spawn: All Months.
  • Southern Hemisphere Spawn: All Months.
  • Catchable Hours: Anytime.
  • Shadow Size: Extra Large.
  • Location: Sea (Rainy Days).
  • Price: 15,000 Bells.

So we know that the Coelacanth is catchable in the Sea on rainy days. Rainy days are random day spawns where your island is getting rained on. These days happen randomly so you will need to wait for a day, or find one if you are a time traveler. Before heading out to fish you will want to stock up on plenty of Fish Bait.

How to Catch the Rare Coelacanth Fish

Image showing the Coelacanth shadow in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Image showing the Coelacanth caught in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Note: Rare fish are rare spawns which means some may get it soon while other’s may take a little longer. Don’t give up.

The location to catch the rare Coelacanth fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the Sea on rainy day. The Sea is considered any of the water surrounding your island’s exterior. When at the Sea on a rainy day you will want to look for extra large shadows that spawn. If they don’t spawn you can scare away the other fishes and use bait to force other fish types to spawn in.

Infinite Fish Bait: If you feel like using a bit of an exploit to preserve your Fish Bait I have one for you. Craft about 5 – 7 Fish Bait and then save and exit your game. Head back into the game and go to the fishing spot. Here you have about 2.5 Minutes to fish before the game autosaves. Before the autosave triggers simply kill the game via the Nintendo Switch homescreen to have essentially infinite Fish Bait. Repeat this process until you’ve caught the fish you desire.

If your island proves to be a bit of a lackluster catching zone you may want to take a trip to a mystery island. Mystery islands have higher fish spawn rates so you are able to cycle through fish in the Sea location much faster.

Focus your time trying to catch the extra large shadows you see appear in the Sea and eventually you will catch the Coelacanth. This is one of a few rare fish players can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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