Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Build the Museum (Blathers)

On the island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will be prompted to settle areas for new buildings. These new buildings bring a number of new amenities to the island. One of the new buildings you can create is the Museum. The Museum allows you to donate animal specimens to add to their collection. To help you get this new building, use our how to build the Museum guide below.

How to Get Blathers on the Island?

Image showing how to get Blathers to move to your island.

To unlock the Museum you first need to do some collecting work. The items you are collecting are actually animals. The animals you need to collect are bugs. Using the net you want to catch a total of five distinct bugs. Once you’ve done this hand the bugs into Tom Nook in the Nook tent. When you hand in the five unique bugs Tom Nook will receive a phone call from Blathers. Blathers runs the museum and wishes to move it to the island.

To move in Blathers take the Blather’s Tent Maker you receive and place it where you want Blather’s to move in. Once the tent is placed return to Tom Nook and speak to him. After this interaction wait a day IRL to have Blathers move onto the island (can be done for real or by changing your Switch clock).

With Blathers on your island you can visit him to give specimens you find on the island. These specimens range from bugs to fish to fossils. Like Tom Nook Blathers will reward you with recipes for collecting specimens for him.

How to Build the Museum?

Once Blathers is on the island you will learn more about the requirements for a museum. In short Blathers needs you to collect 15 more specimens for his museum to open. These specimens can come from the following sources:

  • Bugs.
  • Fish.
  • Fossils.

To help you gather more items Blathers will give you a number of new recipes. These recipes allow you to explore more of the island. Once you’ve gathered 15 new specimens for donation the Museum will be built. It takes a total of 1-day for this to happen. You will find the Museum on the spot where you pitched Blathers’ tent.

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