Animal Crossing Horizons: How to Select Different Islands

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Animal Crossing Horizons takes the Animal Crossing formula players know and love to a new tropical local of an island. Instead of being landlocked as you were in previous games, you now have sea around on your own personal island. Like many great settlers, the land you settle is very important. To help you make this tough decision check out our how to select different islands guide.

How to Select Different Island in Animal Crossing Horizons

Image showing how to select different Islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Start up the game and fill in your application for the Deserted Island Getaway Package. This means choosing things like name, birthday and character design. Once you’ve filled in the application you will be prompted to select from the northern or southern hemisphere for your island home. After you’ve selected you location you will go to a map with islands on it. From this map you can select one of four island layouts. Note the size of the islands are mostly the same so you are instead selecting where you want the river to flow and the location of the Nook Tent.

Once you’ve selected the island of your choosing you will be whisked off by Nook Inc. to the island you’ve selected. Along the way to the island you will view a nice video showing off what to expect from island living. After the flight you will visit with Mr.Nook to start your island adventure.

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