Animal Crossing Horizons: How to Get Nook Miles

In Animal Crossing Horizons there are two types of currency for players to collect: Bells and the new Nook Miles. Bells should be familiar to veterans of the series, while Nook Miles make their first appearance now. Nook Miles can be viewed as a basic points system that allows players to earn points by completing certain tasks. To help you learn more about this system check out our how to get Nook Miles guide below.

How to Get Nook Miles in Animal Crossing Horizons

Image showing the Nook Miles screen in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To start complete the tutorial up to sleeping in your cot on the first night. After you’ve slept in the cot Tom Nook will visit you the next day to dump a load of debt upon you. While dumping debt on you Nook will give you a smartphone with a number of features on it. One of the features on the phone is called Nook Miles. Open your phone using ZL and select Nook Miles.

On the Nook Miles screen you are able to view currently active challenges you can complete to earn yourself Nook Miles. After the tutorial is complete you will have one ready to hand in for 500 Nook Miles. Alongside this completed Nook Miles quest are a number of other quests you can complete for points like the following:

  • (Your Name) Island Miles.
  • Angling for Perfection.
  • Island Togetherness.
  • You’ve Got the Bug.
  • Edit Credit.

You are constantly getting new Nook Miles quests to complete. These quest unlock Nook Miles when completed. Nook Miles can be spent on a number of things including paying down your debt to Tom Nook.

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