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Almond Tofu is a cooking dish players can make in Genshin Impact. This dish like others in the game can be unlocked by acquiring its recipe. Once you have the recipe you then need to gather ingredients to make the dish. To help you find the recipe and make the dish we’ve put together a quick guide. Learn how to make Almond Tofu in Genshin Impact below.

Where to Find the Almond Tofu Recipe

Image showing where to find the Almond Tofu recipe in Genshin Impact.

Before you can make the Almond Tofu dish you need to first acquire the recipe. This can be done fairly easily. The location of the Almond Tofu Recipe is the Wanghsu Inn in Liyue. At this location make your way to the kitchen (home of Smiley Yanxiao) and search the shelves. On the shelves you will find the Almond Tofu recipe.

How to Cook Almond Tofu

Image showing how to make the Almond Tofu dish in Genshin Impact.

Once you have the recipe it is time to get cooking. To cook Almond Tofu in Genshin Impact you need to acquire a few ingredients. These ingredients are fairly easy to find with most being purchasable. The recipe for Almond Tofu is as follows:

  • 3x Milk: Buy from the Liyue Harbor’s Second Life store for 100 Mora.
  • 1x Sugar: Acquired by processing Sweet Flower at a cooking station.
  • 1x Almond: Buy from the Liyue’s Second Life store for 120 Mora.

After you’ve gathered the required ingredients listed above make your way to the nearest cooking station. Here you want to cook up the dish. Once the dish is cooked it is added to your inventory.

Almond Tofu Buff

Like all cooked dishes in Genshin Impact, Almond Tofu gives you and your party a buff. This buff helps in battle. The Almond Tofu buff your receive when you eat this dish is:

  • Increases all party members’ ATK by 66-95 for 300s. In Co-Op Mode, this effectively applies to your own character(s).

That’s all you need to know about this special dish in Genshin Impact. This almond dish is easy to acquire and make and offers a decent buff for your party. The Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest contains an opportunity to make this dish.

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