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Monster Hunter: World’s main storyline centers around a monster by the name of Zorah Magdaros. This giant, hulking creature leaves a path of destruction wherever it goes, and is the reason you shipwreck at the start. Since the game is called Monster Hunter, it’s only natural that we will kill this monster. With that being said, Zorah Magdaros is not a conventional monster and will be fought a total of two times during your playthrough. To help you slay the beast, here’s our Zorah Magdaros guide.

Zorah Magdaros Information

Difficulty: Insane (6⭐) -> Misleading

Location: Everstream

Size: Huge

Species: Elder Dragon

Weak To: Water 3⭐, Dragon 3⭐

Weak Points (Severable/Breakable):  Head (Weak Point), Stomach (Breakable), Other Stomach Piece (Breakable)

Material (High Rank Carves +  Rewards ): 

Reward Money:  8200 z

Storyline Quest: A Colossal Task 

Hunting Quest Text: “The operation is set to commence in the Everstream. Do everything you can to force Zorah Magadros out to sea. We must not fail! May the Sapphire Star light our way!”

Characteristics: An elder dragon that rises from the earth like a volcano. Where it’s headed, and why, the Research Commision has yet to figure.

Useful Information: Normal attacks can’t make a dent in its mountain-like shell. Utilize larger weapons such as cannons and ballistae, or directly attack the “magmacore” heat organs that are exposed in parts of its outer shell.

Zorah Magadros Boss Fights Guide

You will fight Zorah Magdaros twice throughout the storyline in Monster Hunter: World. The first time is during the One for the History Books, and the second time is in the A Colossal Task. Both quests play out very closely to one another, but occur in reverse order. If you want to read about the One for the History Books quest, I’ve covered it here.

The fight in A Colossal Task is Monster Hunter: World’s final story mission. In this mission you are tasked with guiding Zorah Magdaros out to sea. This is done by starting on Zorah Magadross body and then transferring to a large barricade for the final assault.

Magadros Body

On Magdaros body, you will be tasked with destroying the Magmacores you find. There are three in total that you can destroyed (marked on minimap). The Magmacores in this quest are a bit more dangerous than the previous quest, as they will spew magma that can damage and burn you.

While destroying the Magmacores, Nergigante will apear. You need to briefly fight it to scare it off. Once Nergigante is scared off you can go back to destroying Magmacores, before you will be transferred to the barricade.


On the barricade, you will do what you did in One for the History Books. Use the defensive weaponry setup along the wall to damage Zorah Magdaros. Eventually, once you’ve done some damage, you will be able to jump down onto a ship (far left-side when facing Magdaros) and fire the Dragonator. Complete this circuit a few times and Zorah Magdaros will fall.

Note: Upon completion of A Colossal Task, you will gain access to a High Rank expedition that starts automatically (head to Wildspire Waste at your Handler’s orders). Once complete, you will gain access to High Rank content. Unlocking High Rank content will also cause the Zorah Magdaros mission to appear every so often. This means you can farm mats pretty easily for Z and Zorah α+β Sets.

Zorah α+β Sets (Rarity 6)

Zorah α +  β Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Zorah Magdaros Rewards unless noted.

  • Headgear – 2x Scale, 2x Ridge, 6x Carapace, 8x Dragonite Ore*
  • Hide – 6x Carapace, 1x Scale, 2x Ridge, 1x Pleura
  • Claws – 3x Scale, 3x Pleura, 2x Magma, 8x Dragonite Ore*
  • Spine  – 8x Carapace, 1x Scale, 3x Ridge, 2x Magma
  • Spurs – 3x Ridge, 3x Carapace, 3x Magma, 1x Gem

Set Bonus (3 or more pieces equipped): Zorah Magdaros Mastery (Critical Status) – Increase abnormal status effect damage (paralysis, poison, sleep, blast) when landing critical hits.

Image of the Zorah Set α

The Zorah Set α on my Palico.

Palico: All materials are Zorah Magdaros Rewards unless noted.

  • Puppet – 1x Magma
  • Crown – 1x Heat Scale
  • Suit – 1x Pleura

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This concludes our Zorah Megdaros guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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