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After you complete all the missions for the three Sheriffs and return to Horley in Blackwater, Horley will send you to Marshal Davies for you next mission. Marshal Davies can be found north of Manzanita Post in a campsite. To complete the mission from Davies, use our Where Your Morals Lead You guide below.

Where Your Morals Lead You Starting Location

Where Your Morals Lead You Starting Location

Marshal Davies can be found just north of Manzanita Post.

To start the Where Your Morals Lead You mission you must first complete the three sheriff missions Horley has you complete. Once these missions are complete Horley will send you to Marshal Davies. Marshal Davies can be found at a campsite located just north of the Manzanita Post. The mission he has for you is:

A band of killers is on the loose in Tall Trees and he wants to bring their leader to justice.

The required players for this mission is 2-4.

Follow the Marshal to Manzanita Post

Follow the Marshal to Manzanita Post

At the Manzanita Post you meet up with a tracker named Lee.

After you meet with the Marshal he will ride out with you to Manzanita Post. When you arrive at Manzanita Post the Marshal will introduce you to a tracker named Lee. Basically Lee will be taking you to find the location of Alfredo Montez. Thankfully for us the Marshal is open to us blasting our way to him, so death is back on the menu boys. Anyways, once the cutscene is over you will be forced to follow Lee as he “tracks.”

Follow Lee

Follow Lee

When you follow Lee he will take you to a number of spots with a few enemies. Dispatch of them (stealth prefered).

For the next few minutes you will be following Lee as he tracks the whereabouts of Alfredo Montez. What this entails is basically following Lee to a spot, dealing with a few enemies then moving on. This mission is heavily geared towards stealth (makes things easier), but can be completed simply running and gunning. If you do run and gun note that every spot you take out enemies (when Lee points them out), there will be reinforcements which come from around the spot. Here are the spots you face enemies:

  • Patrol on Pathway: Can be killed or let passed.
  • Enemies at Campsite: Need to be killed.
  • Enemies at Tanning Rack: Must be killed.
  • Group by Barrels and on Road: Must be killed.
  • Patrol on Pathway: Can be killed or let passed.

Once you complete all five of these interaction, Lee will take you to the final spot where Alfredo Montez is located. Depending on how you approached these scenarios above will determine how many enemies are with Montez. The more stealthy you are the less you need to fight.

Take Out Montez and His Gang

In the final area you need to clear out Montez and his gang of misfits. By clearing out I mean killing. Depending how you took on the mission will determine how many enemies you need to defeat. Like other missions in RDO you basically start at one end of the camp and work you way to the other end to reach Montez. When you do finally take out Montez a cutscene will trigger. In the cutscene Lee takes Montez’s head. We need to get this head to the Marshal.

Escape to Manzanita Post with Lee

With the head in hand it’s time to make our escape. To get out of here you need to jump on a horse and ride a few minutes down a trail to the Manzanita Post. This sounds easy enough but it is actually a bit of a pain. The whole time you ride down the trail you will be attacked from all sides by enemies. Continue to ride until you reach Manzanita Post and the end of the mission.

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