Where to Sell Items in Red Dead Online

Where to Sell Items in Red Dead Online
Speak with the Shopkeeper to start selling.

Red Dead Online is all about making money. One way of making money is by selling items. Where do you sell these items you ask? I’ll show you. Here’s where to sell items in Red Dead Online. Note: There is a Gold Belt Buckle Trade award for selling items at each of the 3 shops listed below (easy XP).

Sell Items to a Fence

One place you can sell your items is at a Fence. These shady business owners do not care where, how, or why you got the items, which is nice for those of you out there that are less than honorable cowboys. Anyways if you go to a Fence you can sell them a number of items including valuable items like jewelry, rings, watches, buckles, etc. There is a trade award associated with selling various amounts of valuables to a Fence (10/50/100/500/1000).

You will find Fences in Saint Denis, Van Horn Trading Post, Thieves Landing, and Rhodes.

Sell Animal Items to a Butcher

Sell Animal Items to a Butcher

Sell your animal items to the Butcher.

You can sell your animal items to Butchers throughout the world. Butchers will buy animal products you get from hunting. Animal products include things like meat, pelts, and other materials. There is a trade award associated with selling various amounts of animal products to a Butcher (10/50/100/500/1000).

You will find Butchers in Saint Denis, Strawberry, Valentine, Blackwater, and Rhodes.

Sell Items to a Doctor

Sell Items to a Doctor

You can sell herbs you collect to a Doctor.

The last merchant you can sell items to is a Doctor. Doctors can be found in the various cities of Red Dead Online. At a Doctors you can sell any pickable flowers/herbs like Violet Snowdrop, Creeping Thyme, Currants, etc. Of all the merchants, selling items to a Doctor seems to be the worst way of making money. There is a trade award associated with selling various amounts of herbs to a Doctor (5/25/50/75/100).

You will find Doctors in Valentine and Saint Denis.

Items that Can’t Be Sold

Rockstar allows players to sell some things in Red Dead Online, but not everything can be sold. Since the game is currently in beta these unsellable items may become sellable, but for now I will just be listing them here. Let me know what else can’t be sold and I will add it here.

  • Horses.
  • Alcohol.
  • Food.
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  1. Andrew says:

    Great! I use Facebook and install a software called cucomm. It automatically sends messages to users and can add them as friends. This significantly saves time on more useful things for business development.

  2. lee makin says:

    It says there is no trapper online but there is. He’s called gus and will buy animal skins and pelts for a good price

  3. jking says:

    You can only sell pure, unimproved (dead) items to the Dr. and Butcher. If you cook something or craft something, you can’t sell it. Alcohol has been improved, thus not something you can sell.

    Fence only takes loot items of value as the author mentioned.

  4. Elementaler YT says:

    For me too, is it a bug or what

  5. Bob says:

    Cigarettes cannot be sold either as far as I can tell.

  6. Justin says:

    I can’t not sell any items to fences at all 🙁 I hold rt it says sell but it’s never lets me click it

  7. Nancy Watson says:

    Non of the fences, general stores or drug stores will buy moonshine or tonics. Is there not anywhere to sell them?!

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