Where to Get the Syrupy Apple in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Image showing the location of the Syrupy Apple item in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet The Teal Mask.

In the Teal Mask DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, you have the chance to trigger a new evolution for Applin, resulting in the sought-after Dipplin Pokémon. To make this evolution happen, you’ll need the Syrupy Apple item. Below, we’ll guide you on where and how to obtain it the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Syrupy Apple item.

Finding the Syrupy Apple Item in The Teal Mask

Your journey commences in the Kitakami location at Mossfell Confluence, found in the bottom-right corner of the map. Here, you’ll spot an apple farm on your map. Head there to discover an unmanned stall, a hidden treasure trove for trainers. At this stall, you can purchase Syrupy Apples for a reasonable price of 500 gold coins each. The moment you make a purchase, these delightful items instantly appear in your inventory, and there’s no limit to how many you can obtain.

Using the Syrupy Apple Item in The Teal Mask

Once you have the Syrupy Apples, you’re ready to unlock one of Applin’s final forms. By giving a Syrupy Apple to Applin, you’ll induce its evolution into Dipplin. Dipplin is an impressive Grass/Dragon type Pokémon with two potential abilities: Supersweet Syrup and Gluttony. In the Pokédex, Dipplin proudly claims the entry number 1011.

Applin, the quirky Grass/Dragon type Pokémon, has two other intriguing forms aside from this final evolution, Dipplin. First, there’s Flapple, which emerges when Applin is exposed to a Tart Apple. Flapple is a formidable dual-typing Pokémon, boasting the combination of Grass and Dragon elements. Its unique signature move, “Grav Apple,” makes it a formidable contender in battles. On the other hand, when Applin is subjected to a Sweet Apple, it transforms into Appletun, a dual-typing Pokémon of Grass and Dragon attributes. Appletun possesses remarkable defensive capabilities and can unleash powerful moves like “Apple Acid.” These diverse forms of Applin offer trainers a range of strategic choices and playstyles in their Pokémon adventures.

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