Where to Find the Empress of Light in Terraria 1.4 and What it Drops

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The new update for Terraria, Update 1.4, features a few new bosses for players to fight if they so desire. One of the new bosses is considered one of the harder fights in the game and that boss is called the Empress of Light. The Empress of Light is an optional battle players can undertake after defeating Plantera. If you want to try this battle for yourself use our where to find the Empress of Light in Terraria 1.4 guide below.

Where and How to Start the Empress of Light Fight

Image showing the Prismatic Lancewing in Terraria.

Note: The Empress of Light fight can be triggered in the day or night. Triggering the fight in the day causes the boss to deal tons of damage to the player (basically one-shotting them). Alternatively fighting during the night is easier. When you fight this boss determines the items it drops.

Before you can undertake this fight you need to transition into Hardmode and complete the boss fights up to and including Plantera. Once Plantera is dead you are able to fight the Empress of Light. To find and fight the Empress of Light make your way to Hallow on your planet. On the surface of the Hallow look for an enemy called Prismatic Lacewing (shown in the picture above). This unique fairy enemy is a rare spawn so you may need to spend some time in the Hallow before you encounter one. Once you see one take it out to trigger the start of the fight.

What items Does the Empress of Light Drop?

Image showing the Empress of Light boss in Terraria.

Since the Empress of Light is a rather hard boss fight you will be rewarded for your efforts. This boss has a drop pool of a number of different items including some impacted by what time of day the boss is defeated:

The above percentages were taken from the Official Terraria wiki. These numbers show you the general drop rates on each of the items in the Empress of Light’s loot pool. If you are wanting to get everything in the pool you will need to farm the Empress of Light.


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