How to Get the Kaleidoscope in Terraria 1.4

There are a ton of items for players to find and collect in the new Terraria 1.4 update. These items range from mounts, armor, and consumables to interesting new weapons. One new weapon players may want to add to their collection is called the Kaleidoscope. This whip weapon has an astral appearance that leaves a trail of stardust each time its cracked. To get the new whip weapon for yourself use our how to get the Kaleidoscope guide below.

Farm the Empress of Light For It to Drop

To get this whip weapon you will need to defeat the new optional boss called the Empress of Light. This is easier said than done as this boss is a bullet hell nightmare. With that said to get the Kaleidoscope for yourself you need defeat the Empress of Light. This may have to be done multiple times as Kaleidoscope has a 25% drop chance.

About the Kaleidoscope

  • Item Type: Weapon (Whip).
  • Rarity: Yellow.
  • Tooltip: Your summons will focus struck enemies.

If you want to see the Kaleidoscope in action check out this video from YouTuber Hero here. This is just one of the many new weapons the new update has added to the game for more weapon guides keep it locked to HTR.

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