Where to Find the Barko Key in The Last of Us 2

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The Downtown Seattle area of The Last of Us Part II is full of locations players can spend their time exploring. Many of these locations feature a number of collectibles and resources that are useful for your playthrough. One location that is a bit hard to enter is Barko’s Pet Store. To get into this store you must first acquire a key. Continue reading to learn where to find the Barko key in The Last of Us Part II.

Find the Barko Key in Ruston Coffee

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To find the Barko Key you need to make your way to the Ruston Coffee shop. This shop is located at the corner of 5th Ave and Spring St. To enter the shop break the glass and go inside. To find Barko key inside the coffee shop head to the back of the shop and access the bathroom there. Kill the infected that attacks you then head inside. On the diaper change station you will find the Barko’s Key sitting there. Grab the key to add it to your inevntory.

What to Do With the Barko’s Key?

Image showing what door to open with the Barko's Key in The Last of Us Part II.

Once you have the Barko’s key you may be wondering what to do with it? Well with the Barko’s key in hand you can head to the Barko’s pet shop where you can open the door in the back alley. Barko’s if you don’t know is located next to the Valiant Music Shop on Marion St. To access the back alley make your way down 6th Ave until you are in front of Barko’s. To the side of the building there is a delivery door. Open this door using your key and head inside to get the access the following loot:

  • Stun Bomb.
  • Join WLF Note.
  • New map location.
  • Long Gun Holster.

That’s all you need to know about the Barko’s key and what you can do with it. Given the amount of loot in the store it is definitely worth the effort to find the key and visit the pet shop.

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