Where to Catch Innki to Give to High Priest – Temtem

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On the island of Cipanku there is a main storyline you must complete. The main storyline is a quest called Intrigue in Cipanku. As you advance this quest you will reach a point where you need to acquire a special Temtem called Innki. Innki is a rare Tetem you can find on Cipanku island. To help you locate this rare Temtem see our where to catch Innki guide below.

Where to Get Innki

Look in this area for Innki.

Important: Before heading out be sure you have Temtem cards in your inventory.

Innki is located in the Misogi Grotto in the Cipanku area of Pillars of High Above. You go through the grotto on your way to Miyako Village. Once you are in the grotto run through the grass in the center of it to get Temtem to attack. If you are lucky you will run into an Innki. Keep in mind they are rather rare to encounter so you may need to dump a bit of time into finding one.

Once you’ve caught an Innki I recommend breeding it before handing it in to the High Priest. This gives you more flexibility. Once you’ve bred a few then you can give up one to the High Priest. Doing this gives you access to the Sacred Lake area which houses a number of tamers you need to fight to advance the story. Good luck.

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