Where to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

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Like every Pokemon game, breeding in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield can be an important part of shiny hunting. To breed Pokemon you need to drop two Pokemon off at the Pokemon Nursery along route 5. After this you wait and hope for an egg. To help make your breeding more efficient you may want to grab a Ditto. Dittos can breed with any Pokemon in the game. Continue reading below to learn where to catch Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Catch Ditto Near Lake of Outrage in Wild Area

Image showing the map location of Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.
Image showing Ditto in the Wild Area.

To catch yourself a Ditto you are going to want to make your way to the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area. This location can be found to the southeast of Hammerlocke. Once in the area you will want to have access to the Rotom Water bike. This bike allows you to go on water. Using the Rotom Water Bike cross the Lake of Outrage to reach the west banks. On the west banks you will find a couple of grassy areas. Inside the grass in this area you may encounter Ditto.

Tips for Capturing Ditto

  • Get the Catching Charm.
  • Bring a lot of Ultra Balls.
  • Use a Pokemon that is around Ditto’s level.
  • Status effects like sleep, paralyze, etc. to make catching easier.

Ditto Pokedex Entry

Image showing the Pokedex entry for Ditto.

As mentioned above Ditto is an important Pokemon to have if you are interested in breeding. It is known as the Transform Pokemon since it can take the shape of anything in the Pokemon world. Here’s what the Galar Pokedex has to say about Ditto:

It can reconstitute its entire cellular structure to change into what it sees, but it returns to normal when it relaxes.


There you have it. Everything you need to know about where to catch Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. If you want to be a breeding fiend, make sure you pick one of these little guys up.

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