What’s New in Dead Cells Update 34

The Speedrum Mode toggle in the Gameplay Menu of Dead Cells.

The Dead Cells Clean Cut Update 34 is now out and with it comes a host of new additions to the game. This new update features a new NPC, new weapons, and a couple of new game modes to enjoy. If you are wondering exactly what’s new in Dead Cells Update 34, this guide walks you through all of the new additions.

New NPC the Tailor’s Daughter

The Tailor's Daughter NPC speaking to the Tailor in the Tailor's Room in Prisoner's Quarters.
The Tailor’s Daughter speaking to the Tailor.

The new NPC in Update 34 is the Tailor’s Daughter. This NPC is located in the Tailor’s Room in the Prisoner’s Quarters starting area. When you enter the room after triggering the new update you will see an interaction between the Tailor and the Tailor’s Daughter. Following this interaction the Tailor’s Daughter will offer a new service which is changing the head on normal outfits.

2 New Weapons: Sewing Scissors and Giant Comb

There are two new weapons players can get in Update 34: the Sewing Scissors and the Giant Comb. The Sewing Scissors is a Survival weapon that instakills all enemies it hits, as long as at leas one of them dies to the weapon’s standard damage. The Giant Comb is a Brutality weapon that throws your enemies upwards, and deals critical damage to airborne mobs.

Both of these weapons come from interacting with the Tailor and the Tailor’s Daughter. The Tailor gives you the Sewing Scissors and The Tailor’s Daughter gives you the Giant Comb. Once you’ve received both items you can unlock them from the Collector.

2 New Modes: Speedrun Mode and Boss Rush DIY Mode

Two new modes are available in Update 34: the Speedrun Mode and the Boss Rush DIY Mode. The Speedrun Mode can be toggled off/on via the Gameplay Menu screen. There are two options Display Speedrun interface and Speedrun Mode you can turn on to have the game track your clear times. The Boss Rush DIY Mode allows you choose whichever bosses you want to face in a run.

Training Room Rework

The last addition is changes to the Training Room in the Prisoner’s Quarters area. This room now has far more customization options than prior iterations. The best way to describe the changes are listing exactly what the developers have stated has been changed:

  • Added the mini-bosses to the mob spawners
  • Added a bunch of different traps to the mob rooms.
  • Added the Return to Castlevania Bosses.
  • Bosses aren’t scaled down to level 1 anymore! (no more 20 minute fights)
  • Changed the UI to select mobs to a grid-based one.
  • Added a Training Dummy for DPS calculation.
  • New UIs to spawn a specific weapon with a set Level, Quality and Legendary-ness.
  • New UI to choose a certain number of scrolls
  • New UI to choose the overall scaling level of the Training Room, based on the values of a selected biome.

If you are curious in checking out any of the changes simply visit the Training Room. You will see a whole host of new changes and more options. These changes will allow you to better train against bosses and enemies in the game.

That concludes our brief look at what’s new in Dead Cells Update 34. This update is a nice mix of additions that should have a little bit of something for most players.

Thoughts on what’s new in Dead Cells Update 34? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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