Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari Spells

Vampire Survivors Spells input.

In Vampire Survivors players can unlock things using the game’s spell system. Spells, as they are called in the game, are basically cheats you can input via a text box to unlock things that normally require completing certain tasks. The Tides of the Foscari DLC contains new characters to unlock, new weapon evolutions to find, and new Spells you can input to unlock things. To learn all Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari Spells, see our guide below.

What are the Tides of Foscari Spells

If you don’t want to unlock everything legitimately in the Tides of Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors you can use Spells instead. Spells are phrases you can input to unlock things from the Main Menu. To gain access to the cheat screen you need to first find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane relic. Once you have this relic input the following on phrases to unlock DLC content:

  • animeismypassion – Unlocks Maruto as a character and Eskizzibur weapon.
  • spellwhatever – Unlocks SpellStream as a weapon.
  • basicwitch – Unlocks Genevieve as a character.
  • oopsistoleoneagain – Unlocks Keitha character and Fire Arrow weapon
  • spellsomething – Unlocks Eleanor character and Spell String weapon.
  • deusexmachina – Unlocks Luminaire Foscari character and the Luminaire weapon.
  • spellwhichever – Unlocks Spellstrike as a weapon.
  • happybirthday – Unlocks Sammy as a character.  
  • theworldeater – Unlocks Je-Ne-Viv as a character.
  • souloftheparty – Unlocks the Rottin’Ghoul character and a Popper Popper weapon.

Each time you input one of the following phrases you will unlock either a character, a weapon, or a character and weapon. This makes unlocking everything in the DLC fairly easy to do and require little effort.

Where to Input the DLC Spells

To be able to input Spells/Cheats in Vampire Survivors you need to first find a special Relic. This Relic is The Scrolls of Morbane. The Scrolls of Morbane are are acquired by defeating Sketamari on the Bone Zone stage. Once you’ve collected this Relic a new option will appear on the Main Menu called Secrets. On the right side of the Secrets screen is a place to Cast Spell which is where you input the different Spells in the game.

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