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After completing the One for the History Books quest, you will unlock access to the Coral Highlands area. Here you will find a number of new monsters to slay, including the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. This monster, looks similar to a Dilophosaurus in looks, but attacks way different. Want to know how to slay this beast? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our Tzitzi-Ya-Ku guide below.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Info

Difficulty: Hard (4⭐)

Location: Choral Highlands

Size: Medium

Species: Bird Wyvern

Weak To:  Thunder 3⭐, Ice 3⭐

Weak Points (Severable/Breakable): Head (weak point)

Material (Carves + Low Rank Rewards):

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards):

Scale+ 5⭐
Hide+ 4⭐
Photophore 4⭐
Claw+ 3⭐
Bird Wyvern Gem ⭐
Hide+ 4⭐
Scale+ 4⭐
Claw+ 3⭐
M Bone+ 3⭐
Dash Extract 3⭐
Photophore+ 2⭐
Bird Wyvern Gem ⭐

Reward Money: N/A

Storyline Quest: N/A – Optional (Can be fought during Coral Highlands Expedition)

Hunting Quest Text: N/A – Optional

Characteristics: This odd monster blinds both prey and enemies with a special pulsing organ near its head. It then uses its strong legs to deliver finishing blows.

Useful Information: Tzitzi-Ya-Ku’s organs begin to radiate before it releases its blinding pulse, giving you enough time to escape and flank it. Damaging this organ will dramatically decrease the flash’s effective range.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Fight Guide

Main Fight Mechanics: Blind (stun)

Blind: Tzitzi-Ya-Ku has the ability of blinding other animals and hunters. This ability is activated when the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku head flaps expand and a bright light shoots out. If you are standing in the area of effect for the blind ability, you will be momentarily stunned (denoted by the two star symbol above the hunter’s health bar). In this state, you are unable to move unless hit, or you move left stick from left to right repeatedly, or you snap out of it when the status effect wears off.


Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is a relatively simple fight as it has a low pool of moves. As long as you dodge the Blind ability, you shouldn’t have any problems. Here’s what the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is capable of doing:

*I attempted to grab all the attacks I saw. Let me know if I missed some in The Pit.

  • Back Kick – Wide sweeping single kick to the back
  • Lunge + Single Claw – Lunge towards you end ends with single claw strike
  • Lunge + Multiple Claw Strike – Lunges while swiping multiple times
  • Charge: Puts head down and charges the hunter (gap closer)
  • Charge + Jump Attack: Similar to the normal charge, but ends with a jump attack.
  • Tailwhip: Whips tail if standing behind it.

Fighting Tips:

The major focus you should have in this fight, is avoiding the blinding stunning. If you do this, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is a fairly easy fight. Here are some more tips to help.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Bonk Allies – If your allies are stunned and you aren’t, simply attack them to snap them out of it.
  • Attack Head to Limit Stun – If you damage the head, it limits the stun range.
  • Stay Close – Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is one of those fights which is easier if you stay close to the monster. Going hard on the offensive seems to work.
  • Run to the Head or Far Away to avoid Stun – To avoid this ability, either run away from Tzitzi-Ya-Ku as it charges up (about 3-4 second window), or run towards it and stand to the side of its head.
  • Exploit Elemental Weakness -As noted above, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is especially weak to thunder and ice elemental damage.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Tzitzi Set (Rarity 3)

Image of the Tzitzi Set on a female hunter

The Tzitzi Set on a female hunter.

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Headgear – 3x Scale, 1x Hide, 2x Potophore, 1x Coral Crystal*
  • Mail – 3x Hide, 2x Claw, 2x Photophore, 1x Lightcrystal*
  • Vambraces – 2x Hide, 1x Photophore, 3x Scale, 2x Coral Crystal*
  • Coil – 2x Hide, 2x Claw, 2x Coral Crystal
  • Greaves – 2x Scale, 1x Hide, 1x Claw

Palico: N/A

Tzitzi α+β Set (Rarity 5)

Tzitzi α +  β Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Headgear – 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 2x Potophore+, 5x Coral Crystal*
  • Mail – 4x Hide+, 4x Claw+, 3x Photophore+, 1x Bird Wyvern Gem*
  • Vambraces – 4x Hide+, 2x Photophore+, 4x Scale+, 2x Dragonvein Crystal*
  • Coil – 2x Hide+, 4x Claw+, 3x Dragonvein Crystal*, 2x Lightcrystal*
  • Greaves – 4x Scale+, 2x Hide+, 2x Claw+, 6x Carbalite Ore*

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This concludes our Tzitzi-Ya-Ku guide. If you have anything to add, drop it in The Pit below.


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