Treasure Map Solutions in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a number of side activities you can take part in to explore the world and make some money. One of these side activities comes in the form of three treasure (four including the DLC one) maps which lead you to treasure around the world. To help here are the treasure map solutions in Red Dead Redemption 2Guide Status: currently being updated.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Maps & Treasure Location

Jack Hall Treasure Location

Here are the locations of the maps and treasure of the Jack Hall Treasure Hunt.

One of the first treasure maps you are able to get in your playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Jack Hall gang treasure map. This treasure hunt can be started as soon as you begin Chapter 2. It is also part of the Stranger Mission “All That Glitters” (thought you can start it at any time). When you find the treasure at the end you are rewarded with 2 Gold Bars which can be sold at a Fence for $1000. There are a total of 4 maps needed to complete this treasure hunt.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map #1: Buy from Maximo West of Flatneck Station

To start this treasure hunt, make your way to the location in the picture above (west of Flatneck Station). Here you will find an NPC named Maximo. Maximo offers to sell you a treasure map. His initial price is $10, bur if you refuse he will lower it to $5 (you can also rob him). Purchase the treasure map from him. This is the map he gives you.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map #2: Caliban’s Seat Mountain

Now that we have the first map it’s time to start searching. If you look at the map given to us by Maximo, you will notice a large mountain. This is Caliban’s Seat which is located just northwest of where we met Maximo. Make your way to the top of the mountain and you will reach a campsite and a path running down to the right. Go down the path and follow it left along the mountain. Eventually you will reach a gap, jump across the gap and climb the big boulder. Drop down onto the next path and follow it until you reach a crevice in the wall. In the crevice you will find this map.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map #3: Cotorra Springs

The next of the Jack Hall Gang treasure maps can be found in the Cotorra Springs. Make your way to this location to find a number of stone pile placed in a rectangle. Head towards the middle pile (the one that looks like this T) and search it to find the third treasure map.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Location: O’Creagh’s Run Island (2 Gold Bars)

To get the next map, make your way to the lake of O’Creagh’s Run. In the middle of the lake you will find a small island. On this island there is a small rock. Under this rock are 2 Gold Bars worth $500 each. You can take these Gold Bars and sell them to a Fence or donate them to your camp for camp revenue. Regardless of what you decide, this marks the end of the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Maps & Treasure Location

The next treasure hunt can also be started during Chapter 2. This treasure hunt is similar to the Jack Hall hunt we did above as it requires solving four treasure map clues to reach the treasure at the end. For completing the Poisonous Trail treasure hunt you will earn 4 gold bars which can be sold to a Fence for $2009. Definitely not a bad way to make some money. Let’s get started.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map #1: Cairn Lodge

To start this treasure hunt, make your way up to the Cairn Lodge on Cairn Lake. Inside a lockbox under a bed in the Lodge you will find the first map of the Poisonous Trail treasure hunt. This is the map you will find.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map #2: Inside Dead Tree

The map we collected above leads us to a dead tree just off the road near west of Ringneck Creek (in Face Rock). Once you reach the area, look for the dead tree pictured above. Search the crack in the tree to get the second treasure map.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map #3: Inside Hole Near Stone Formation

With the second treasure map collected, make your way to the hillside marked on the map above just west of the Van Horn Trading Post. On the hillside you will see a stone formation. Near the this stone formation there is a hole. Search the hole to get the next treasure map. This last treasure map is what we need to find the treasure.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Location: Cave under Elysian Pool (4 Gold Bars)

Now that we have the final treasure map, it’s time to get the treasure. To do this, make your way to the Elysian Pool. In the Elysian Pool there is a waterfall. Behind the waterfall there is a cave. Go inside the cave, equip your lamp and begin exploring it. To avoid getting lost, follow these directions below:

  • Go straight from the waterfall until you reach the first big open area.
  • Along the north side of this room there is a passage you can drop down into. Drop onto it.
  • In the passage there is a small hole along the wall. Go inside this hole.
  • After going through the hole you will come to a Y. Take a right and follow it until you reach a room with a drop into darkness.
  • Run along the ledge to the left and jump to the ledge below.
  • Go through the cave to the dead end to reach a pile of rocks. Search the rock to get your Gold Bars.
  • See video guide by PowerPyx.

Finding the 4 Gold Bars inside this cave will complete the Poison Trail treasure hunt. Once this mission is complete you can take the Gold Bars to a Fence for some quick cash or donate it to your Camp to buy upgrades.

DLC Map: Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map Location & Solution (5 Gold Bars)

There is one DLC treasure map I will highlight that is available to those that pre-ordered the digital addition or purchased the special/deluxe edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 before August 15th. If you bought just the standard edition, or the pre ordered the game after August 15th you are out of luck unfortunately. With that aside, completing the Les Tresor Des Morts treasure hunt nets you 5 Gold Bars which can be sold to the fence for $2500.

Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map #1: Prison Cell in Limpany

The first map can be located in the only building left standing in Limpany. Limpany is located along the Dakota River just north of Flatneck Station. When you enter Limpany you will notice all the buildings have been burned down except for one on the east side of the town. This building is a jail. Go inside to find the map beside a dead body in the cell.

Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map #2: Secret Tunnels in Saint Denis Trainyard

The treasure map from Limpany leads us to the Saint Denis Trainyard. In the trainyard by the Freight Storage Bays there is a secret underground passage. Go inside the underground passage to find the treasure map on the wall beside a wooden crate.

Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Location: Saint Denis Cemetery

To find the treasure, make your way to the Saint Denis cemetery which is located in the northern portion of the town (above the Photo Studio). In the cemetery make your way to the spot marked on the map above. You will see a mausoleum. Go inside the mausoleum to get the 5 Gold Bars.

This completes the Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt. With 5 Gold Bars in hand you can sell them to a Fence or donate them to your camp to make some beneficial upgrades.

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