Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands A Farmer’s Ardor Guide

If you completed the Goblins in the Garden side mission for Alma in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands you unlock a follow up quest called A Farmer’s Ardor. This quest reveals that Flora let the Goblins into the garden because she loves Alma. You offer to help her out here. To complete this quest use our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands A Farmer’s Ardor guide below.

Where to Start A Farmer’s Ardor

What foul creation would you make for love?

A Farmer’s Ardor quest description.

After completing Goblins in the Garden go behind Alma’s house and speak to Flora. She tells you she loves Alma but doesn’t know what to do about it. Agree to help to start the side quest. Take the flowers from her when prompted to get the next objective in the questline.

Return to Alma and Give Her the Flowers

Take the flowers you got from Flora and head back to Alma’s house. Ring the door skull and Alma will come outside. Give her the flowers when prompted. It turns out Alma isn’t really interested unless something out of the ordinary like a polka-dotted poet goblin appears.

Find Goblin Loincloth

From Alma’s house head to the southeast to the blue map marker. At the map marker defeat all the goblins that appear. Once you’ve defeated them all a new map marker appears further southeast. Go to the map marker and follow them until you reach the named area called The Rampant Parts.

In this area you will be attacked by goblins. Defeat the goblins and a Goblin Loincloth will drop. Pick up the Goblin Loincloth, then head further into The Rampant Parts to find the stinkiest one. Grab the Stinky Goblin Loincloth from inside the quest marker. You then need to find the Dankiest Goblin Loincloth which is close by.

Go to the new map marker and a Troll and Grimble the Stinky will appear. Defeat Grimble to get the Dankiest Goblin Loincloth. Once you the third and final loincloth head back to Flora and give them to her.

Watch Flora Work

For this next part all you need to do is watch Flora work. She will walk over to the sprinkler system and will create a goblin called Glornesh. Flora then asks you to go to her laboratory to get polka dot dye.

Get Polka Dot Dye From the Lab

Image showing the Polka Dot Dye in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Use the catapult to fly over to Honor’s Tower. The closed gates you previously may have wondered about are now open. Go through the gates, avoid the traps to reach the gate at the end. Defeat the two gate guardians and the gate will open. Grab the Polka Dot Dye from the pedestal then head back to Flora and give it to her.

Collect 5x Bard Tongues

Flora needs 5x Bard Tongues to continue. Head to the tunnel system nearby named Graveyard of Lost Bards. Shoot or melee the boards blocking the way. Go through the tunnel and defeat the Zombie Bard enemies there. Each one will drop a tongue. Pick up 5x then return to Flora and give them to her.

Return to Alma

Flora will ask you to go get Alma. Do what she says. Head to Alma’s door and ring the skull bell. Alma will come outside. She will go to the garden and look at Glornesh. She is impressed and asks Flora if she would like to have drinks. Flora is actually taken by Glornesh and turns her down.

Speak to Flora after the quest conclusion to receive your rewards. Flora gives you 4,658 gold and gives you a 199 weapon. This official ends the side mission and is the last side missions in Queen’s Gate.

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