Threshold Guide – Control

In Control once you reach HRA Labs you will come to the realization that the machine doesn’t work. To fix this problem it is suggested you head to Black Rock Processing to get more Black Rock Prisms. This starts you on the Threshold quest. To complete this quest use our Threshold guide below.

Black Rock Processing

Image showing the location of the Black Rock Processing entrance.

To reach Black Rock Processing make your way to Central Maintenance in the Maintenance Sector. Head through the door opposite the Field Training to reach the Access Corridor which leads to Black Rock Processing.

Access Corridor

Inside the Access Corridor you will be attacked by a number of different enemies. Take out these enemies and head into the Turbine Room.

Turbine Room

Image showing the Turbine Room.

In the Turbine Room there are two sets of spinning Turbines you need to stop. Pull the gold box from the wall and shoot it across the gap to the side you are headed. Jump across the turbines and grab the gold box. Head up with the box in hand. At the next set of Turbines shoot your gold box across to the socket by the door. Pull the other gold box and do the same. Jump across to the now opened door. Like we’ve done previously pull the light switch 3x to head to the Oceanview Motel.

Oceanview Motel Solution

Image showing the Oceanview Motel.

Inside the Motel make your way to the front desk. Ring the bell twice to open both doors. Look inside the first room and note the placement of the painting, radio, chair, and plant. Head to the second room and model that room after the first room. Place the items as follows:

  • Painting: Straight.
  • Radio: Right side.
  • Chair: Pulled out.
  • Plant: Left side.

Once you have this setup cycle the doors so the first and then third open. Go into the third room and grab the key. Take the key to the locked door near the entrance and pull the light three times to teleport back to reality.

Instead of going back through the Turbine Room head left and drop down through the ceiling. Go east through the stone doors and cross the bridge. Make your way up the stairs by the locked door and drop down from the ceiling so you reach the other side. Head forward to reach the Atlas Chamber.

Atlas Chamber

Meeting Arish

When you enter the Atlas Chamber you will see a number of enemies fighting with your allies. Help take them out then claim the Control Point. Once the Control Point is claimed make your way up to Arish who is located in the control room to the south. Arish will talk about a monster we need to kill. Leave the room out the side door and head forward until you reach Black Rock Processing.

Black Rock Processing

Image showing the Black Rock Hiss.

Inside Black Rock Processing walk over the the box on the west side of the room and interact with it. The moment you interact with the box a new Hiss enemy will appear. This Hiss enemy goes invisible. Look for strange fog near you and unload on it when it gets close. Killing the Hiss will open the route to Dr. Darling’s Black Rock Lab. Go there now.

Dr. Darling’s Black Rock Lab

Image showing the location of the Level 5 Card Level.

Inside the lab you want to grab the Level 5 Card off the table. Once you have this card proceed to open the Black Rock Quarry door. Head into this next area.

Black Rock Quarry

Image showing the Black Rock Quarry console.

You will need to make your way through the overhead area of the NSC Power Plant before reaching the Black Rock Quarry. This is fairly straightforward. Follow the signage and take out any enemies that get in your way. Once you reach the elevator going to the quarry you will notice it is broken. You will need to drop your way down to the bottom (like the Dark Souls 2 well). Once you reach the bottom you will be in the Black Rock Quarry area.

In the Black Rock Quarry your goal is to reach the quarry to get a piece of Black Rock. To do this simply follow the path leading to the large open area. When you reach this large open area you need to collect three gold boxes and place them in the three ports above the mining spot. Once you’ve done this go to the console and trigger the explosive. Head over to the mining spot and grab the Black Rock.

Once you have the Black Rock return to Marshall in the Executive Area. Speak with Marshall and you will end the mission. This will trigger the next mission called My Brother’s Keeper.

This concludes our Threshold guide. Any questions or comments can be dropped in The Pit below.


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