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Once you gather the Black Rock Prism you will return to Marshall in the Central Executive area. Since you helped them out they will point you in the direction of the brother. Turns out you need to look in the Containment area. This starts the My Brother’s Keeper mission. Check out our My Brother’s Keeper guide below.

Find Your Brother

Image showing the console in the Security Room.

When you arrive in the Containment Area make your way through Logistics to reach Security. Once you are in Security interact with the console in the middle of the room to learn about your brother. Head north from the console and pull the light switch 3x times to reach the Oceanview Motel again.

Oceanview Motel

Image showing the painting you need to interact with.

Inside the Oceanview Motel make your way to the desk and ring the bell 3x times. Head to the far room and turn the painting. Ring the bell once and go into the first room and grab the keys on the desk. Open the locked door and pull the light switch 3x times to return to reality.

Panopticon Entrance

Image showing the Panopticon Entrance.

Walk across the bridge and you will reach the Panopticon Entrance. In the area you need to speak with the Panopticon Supervisor. This NPC will mention an Object of Power called the Benicoff TV is on the loose and we need to stop it. This O.o.P can be found inside the Panopticon.


Head inside the Panopticon and activate the Control Point there. Cross the bridge and follow the path to an elevator. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor. Make your way left and tag the next Control Point. Continue following the path until you reach a bridge. On this bridge you will fight some enemies. Take them out and cross the bridge. Go into Fortified Unit 716 into the Twisted Passage.

Twisted Passage

Image showing the Twisted Passage.

Travel through the Twisted Passage and walk towards the O.o.P to trigger a cutscene. Make your way forward and will reach a big room. Drop down into the room to trigger a fight against Salvador.

Boss Fight: Salvador

Image showing boss Salvador.

Salvador is the former head of security. He is mentioned by Arish as having gone missing. He takes the form of a Hiss Warped meaning he has a shield. Your best approach is to use throw often. Knock his shield down them pump him full of shots. Repeat and kill his adds when you need health. He will fall in now time.

Upon defeat of Salvador head up the platform and interact with the console there to interact with the TV. Upon interaction you will get transported to an Astral Plane.

Astral Plane (Levitation)

This Astral Plane is focused on the Levitation power. Levitating allows you to reach taller areas than you normally would be able to. To complete this Astral Plane challenge simply use your Levitate ability to reach the end. Upon completion of the challenge you will return to reality and will unlock the Rising Thought trophy. Make your way out of the Twisted Passage and back into the Panopticon.


Image showing how to reach floor 5 on the Panopticon.

When you reach the Panopticon you will be prompted to look for Dylan of floor 5. To get there use your levitate power to reach the lift pictured above then levitate up to the bridge. Head up the stairs and cross the bridge towards the swan. Head right of the swan and go the end. Take a left into the P6 Cell.

P6 Cell

Image showing the console in P6 Cell.

Wait for the door to open then head into the cell block area. Head into the cellblock and you will reach a control room. Walk up to the middle console to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will earn the My Brother’s Keeper trophy. You will then be prompted to return to Pope in the Board Room. This triggers the start of the next mission The Face of the Enemy.

This concludes our My Brother’s Keeper guide. Drop any suggestions or comments you have into The Pit below. Thanks for reading!



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