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When Ellie and Dina escape from Channel 13 they are forced to go underground. This underground area is crawling with infected and WLF Soldiers alike so you will want to keep your wits about you. While you are traversing the tunnels there are a few collectibles you can grab. Use our The Last of Part 2 Tunnels Collectibles Guide to find them all.

The Tunnels Collectibles List (10 Total)

  • Artifacts: 5.
  • Trading Cards: 3.
  • Journal Entries: 1.
  • Workbenches: 1.

The Subway Note Location

Image showing the The Subway Note Location.

Make your way forward until you reach the section where you will see a Clicker appear. As you continue further in the crawlspace you will emerge in an area being bathed in red light from a flare. Make your way through this tunnel so you end up at the train with the door that requires Dina’s help to open. Head all the way to the end of this train to find the Subway Note (1/5) on the left wall at the end of the last car.

Imp Trading Card Location

Image showing the Imp Trading Card Location.

Leave the train you got the collectible on by going out the partially opened door on the side. Head down the tunnel along the train and then crawl under it when you need to . Walk towards the glowing light coming out of the door, but don’t enter it. Instead walk along the train here and look for some garbage bags under it. Interact with these bags to find the Imp Trading Card (1/3).

Workbench & Journal Entry Locations

Image showing the Shambler enemy type.

Head into the door with the red light coming out of it. Turn to the right and look for a ladder along the left wall. Climb up the ladder and open the blue door to reveal the only Workbench (1/1) in this level. If you have the resources you should spend them to upgrade your weapon as there is a new enemy type incoming.

Head back out and throw the rope over the pipe and swing across it to reach the ladder. Climb the ladder that’s broken the go down it and enter the blue door. Grab supplies in the mechanical room then go into the vent. Crawl through the vent and drop down to encounter the Shambler. Defeat one and interact with its body to get a Journal Entry (1/1).

Daniela Star Trading Card

Image showing the Daniela Star Trading Card location.

Continue deeper into the Tunnels until you reach a metal door that you need to use a chain to lift. Once you lift up the door Dina will crawl under and will place a table. Ellie will scramble in after her as the table is crushed, which stops you from backtracking. Follow the pipes down the hallway until you see a blue door on your right. Open this blue door and go inside. Go to the back right corner of this room and jump over the table then crawl under the desk so you can get inside the locked cage area. Grab the Daniela Star Trading Card (2/3) off the desk. Leave the caged area and head into the break room to the right.

Wittled Statue, Soda Can Note & Locker Room Note Locations

Image showing the Wittled Statue location in the Break Room.

Inside the break room there are a total of three collectibles you can find. These collectibles are littered throughout the room and are located:

  • Wittled Statues: Next to the Microwave (2/5).
  • Soda Can Note: Melee the soda machine and grab the note stuck to the can inside (3/5).
  • Locker Room Note: On the table next to the blue cup (4/5).

Before you leave the break room you may want to open the locked door. The code to open it can be found on the soda can note. The combination is 1-5-2-4-3. Inside the room you will find a number of different resources. Once this room is raided leave the break room.

Bastet Trading Card & Subway Station Note Locations

Image showing the Bastet Trading Card location.

The final two collectibles can be found as you are leaving the tunnels. In the outside area with all the old trains there is a red vending machine that you need to climb to reach a higher ledge. Don’t climb yet, instead crawl under the train to the left. You will end up inside the train. Grab the Bastet Trading Card (3/3) off of the suitcase there.

Head back and climb up onto the ledge above the red vending machine. Turn right and enter the wrecked train car. As you enter turn right again to get the Subway Station Note (5/5) off the door.

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