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After the huge level that was Downtown Seattle things take a bit of a turn as we playthrough an area called Eastbrook Elementary. This area is far more linear and for small than the previous level which means there are only a few collectibles for us to find in this level. To help you grab them all here’s our The Last of Us Part II Eastbrook Elementary collectibles guide.

Eastbrook Elementary Collectibles List (4 Total)

  • Artifacts: 3.
  • Trading Cards: 1.

Leah’s Photograph and Leah’s Letter Locations

You receive both of these collectibles during the captivity cutscene. After you defeat the man trying to kill Dina you will pick up Leah’s Letter (1/3) and Leah’s Photo (2/3) from his body. The letter and photo are these two collectibles.

Isaac’s Mandate Location

Image showing where to go to find the Isaac's Mandate.

Make your way through the school until you reach the roof with the solar panels on it. On the roof you will get ambushed by three soldiers. Take them out then head through the blue door. Turn to the right and walk forward to find Isaac’s Mandate (3/3) on a desk next to some resources.

Cardio Trading Card Location

Image showing where to find the Cardio Trading Card in The Last of Us Part II.

Continue down the hallway and exit through the air duct. Walk along the roof and jump across to the balcony of the apartment building with the open patio door. Go into the apartment and jump over the bookshelf lying in the hallway to the right. Enter the bedroom and grab the Cario Trading Card (1/1) from the nightstand to the left of the bed.

That’s all the collectibles you can find in the Eastbrook Elementary portion of The Last of Us Part II. After the collect-a-thon the Downtown Seattle portion of the game was this was a nice break.

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