The Last of Us 2: 2425 Constance Collectibles Locations Guide

The mission 2425 Constance takes place towards the end of The Last of Us 2 when the storyline is wrapping up. This mission is largely about story so there is only 1 collectible to find. To help you find this collectible use our 2425 Constance collectibles locations guide below.

2425 Constance Collectibles List (1 Total)

  • Artifacts: 1.

2425 Constance Artifact #1: Bathroom Note

Image showing the 2425 Constance Artifact #1 Bathroom Note.

When you take control of Abby make your way down Constance. As you head down look for the green house with the white car in front of it. Go inside this house via a window then head to the bathroom. Grab the Bathroom Note (1/1) from off the toilet.

That’s all the 2425 Constance collectibles to find in The Last of Us 2. The next couple of missions feature a few more collectibles than this mission.

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