The Droughts Typhon Logs Guide – Borderlands 3

There are a number of Crew Challenges for players to complete as they travel through various areas on each planet. These Crew Challenges reward players with XP, money, and loot. One challenge you will find in each area is the Typhon Logs. This Crew Challenge involves collecting Typhon Journals for Tannis. Below is our The Droughts Typhon Logs guide.

The Droughts Typhon Log Map

There are a total of three Typhon Logs to collect in The Droughts. These logs are located at the spots marked on the map above. For more indepth locations, consult each picture below.

Typhon Log 1: Near Tannis Dig Site

Image showing the Typhon Log near Tannis Dig site.

Just southwest of the Tannis Dig site you will find the first Typhon Log on a rock platform overlooking a Skag Pit. You will go to the dig site during a Main Story mission called Taking Flight. Interact with the log to collect it.

Typhon Log 2: Overlooking Varkid Valley

Image showing the Varkid Valley Typhon Log.

Just east of the area you hunt the Lavender Crawly is another Typhon Log. This log is situated on an overlook, looking down onto the valley. Interact with it to collect it.

Typhon Log 3: Dahl Orbital Control

Image showing the location of the Dahl Orbital Control Typhon Log.

The final Typhon Log is located in the area known as the Dahl Orbital Control. You will go here during a Story Mission called Sanctuary. On the east side of the camp you will find the Typhon Log.

Typhon Dead Drop Location

Note: If you go to the dam without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you’ve collected all three of the Typhon Logs above, Tannis will triangulate the location of a Typhon Dead Drop. This is dead drop is a large weapons chest located in the Dahl 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam. Open the chest to receive a number of weapons.

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This concludes our The Droughts Typhon Logs guide. Drop any comments or questions you have into The Pit below.


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