The Droughts Legendary Hunt Crew Challenge Guide – Borderlands 3

Each zone in Borderlands 3 features a set of Crew Challenges. These challenges are tasks the player needs to complete with the geographical area of the zone. On Pandora the area known as The Droughts contains a total of five Crew Challenges to complete. One of these challenges called Legendary Hunt, comes from Sir Hammerlock. Use our Legendary Hunt crew challenge guide below to complete this hunt.

Legendary Lavender Crawly

You will find the Legendary Lavender Crawly to the northwest of the starting COV hub in an area known as Varkid Valley. Head towards this area on the map and reach it. When you arrive here you will be attacked by the legendary Lavender Crawly. This creature is a Varkid wearing a top hat which is very dapper if I may say so.

During the fight the Lavender Crawly will pod up and release a couple of other Varkids. Keep taking them out as they come until eventually the Lavender Crawly will fall. Once you’ve defeated this creature you can claim the reward below.

Reward: Iron-Willed Bowie Longrider

Image showing the Iron-Willed Bowie Longrider.

Once you complete the Crew Challenge check your mailbox (Start>Social>Mail). You will have a message from Sir. Hammerlock with an item inside it. The item I receive was the Iron-Willed Bowie Longrider which is a rare shotgun. Not bad for a days hunt.

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