The Division 2 Dark Zone Perk List

Dark Zone Perk List
Below you will find the complete Dark Zone Perk List.

The Division 2 features two Perk systems which related to the PvE and PvP aspects of the game. Once you’ve unlocked the Dark Zone you will have access to a Perk system specific for Dark Zone use. Check out the complete Dark Zone Perk list below.

How Dark Zone Perks Work

How Dark Zone Perks Work
Here’s a screenshot of how Dark Zone perks work.

Dark Zone Perks unlock when you reach certain DZ levels. In total there are 21 Perks spread out across 11 tiers. Since Player Level in the Dark Zone can be gained or lost, you may lose access to a tier of Dark Zone perks and will have to unlock all over again (by reaching the level required). If you wish to equip DZ perks you can speak to Senait Ezera at the Base of Operations.

Dark Zone Perks List

Dark Zone Perk List
Below you will find the complete Dark Zone Perk List.

There are a total of 21 Perks to unlock over 11 tiers. Each tier is tied to reaching a specific DZ level.

Tier 1 Perks: DZ Level 01

  • Bag Space: Grants 1 additional contaminated item inventory slot.

Tier 2 Perks: DZ Level 05

  • Terminator: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for eliminating other players.
  • Sight Seeing: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for clearing landmarks.
  • Breakin’ the Law: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for surviving a rogue timer.

Tier 3 Perks: DZ Level 10

  • Daily Winner: Daily reward(s) from the DZ Safe House.

Tier 4 Perks: DZ Level 15

  • Sleight of Hand: 10% reduction in time to complete rogue actions.
  • Bounceback: Rogue cooldown reduced by 10%.

Tier 5 Perks: DZ Level 20

  • Keeper: 50% chance to automatically secure 1 dropped contaminated item on death.

Tier 6 Perks: DZ Level 25

  • Keymaster: 25% chance to acquire DZ keys from loot crates in a DZ.
  • Explosions!: 25% chance to acquire grenades from loot crates in a DZ.
  • Medic: 25% chance to acquire armor kits from loot crates in a DZ.

Tier 7 Perks: DZ Level 30

  • Vanish: Nameplate visibility to other agents is reduced while rogue.
  • X-Ray Eyes: Rogue nameplate detection range increased.

Tier 8 Perks: DZ Level 35

  • More Loot: Additional rewards for completing DZ alerts and clearing landmarks.

Tier 9 Perks: DZ Level 40

  • Double Daily Winner: Additional daily reward(s) from the DZ Safe House.
  • No Honor: Daily rewards available in the Thieves’ Den.

Tier 10 Perks: DZ Level 45

  • Keep It Clean: 10% increased chance for contaminated item to drop.

Tier 11 Perks: DZ Level 50

  • Get to the Chopper: 25% faster extraction arrival time.
  • Can’t Catch Me!: 25% faster manhunt bounty clearing.
  • On Your Feet, Soldier: 25% faster revive of other SHD agents while SHD.
  • Dark Deeds: 25% increased Thieves’ Den Triangulation added from rogue actions.

That’s all the Dark Zone perks currently available in The Division 2. If you wish to see the PvE perks in the game, check out this list I made of them here.

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