Temtem: Vumbi Dojo Temtem List – Musa Party and Side Trainers

After you complete the Juu Tunnel opener in the Vumbi town you will be tasked with taking on the Vumbi Dojo. Like previous dojos in Temtem you will need to complete a puzzle and fight some trainers before reaching the dojo leader. To help you setup your team just right use our Vumbi Dojo Temtem list.

Temtem You Fight in Vumbi Dojo

Image showing Musa in Temtem.

The Vumbi Dojo can be accessed by heading to the north side of Vumbi in the upper section of the town. Once here you can enter the Dojo. If you speak to the trainer at the front you will learn there are quick sand holes in the floor that take you to lower portions of the dojo. As you head through these traps you will encounter the following trainers and their Temtems. The over arching Temtem type is earth type so plan your team accordingly.

Kisiwan Trainer

  • Akranox (Lv. 41).
  • Osukan (Lv.41).
  • Tateru (Lv.39).

Jeremy (gives side quest Heartbeat if spoken to)

  • Barnshe (Lv.43).
  • Mouflank (Lv.38).
  • Valash (Lv.37).

Kariuki and Chinedu

  • Drakash (Lv.40).
  • Zizare (Lv.40).
  • Skunch (Lv.40).
  • Mudrid (Lv.40).

Dizzy Tamer and Light-headed Tamer

  • Akranox (Lv.36).
  • Vulcrane (Lv.40).
  • Taifu (Lv.36).
  • Kauren (Lv.40).

Samungy and Impatient Tamer

  • Pyckon (Lv.30).
  • Grumper (Lv.50).
  • Goty (Lv.30).
  • Mouflank (Lv.50).


  • Drakash (Lv.50).
  • Vulffy (Lv.52).


  • Rhoulder (Lv.42).
  • Tental (Lv.42).
  • Grumper (Lv.41).

Dojo Master Musa Temtems

  • Kauren (Lv.40).
  • Mudrid (Lv.40).
  • Mushook (Lv.42).
  • Yowlar (Lv.50).
  • Akranox (Lv.42).
  • Skunch (Lv.48).

Upon defeat of Musa you will complete the Vumbi Dojo. You will receive 1x Resistance Badge for you efforts. You will then be asked to head to the city of Upinzani which is located to the south-west.

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