Team Skull Passwords Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

As you progress through the story of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you will come upon a group called Team Skull. This group basically fills the role of a Team Rocket, but does so through rapping and rhyming. After you finish the Thrifty Mart trial you will return to Aether House to discover that Team Skull has stolen a Pokemon. Being the super trainer you are, you are tasked with collecting the stolen Pokemon. This quest takes you to Po Town to the northeast, which acts as Team Skulls headquarters. Within Po Town there is a large mansion which houses Team Skull’s boss Guzma. Unfortunately it is not as simple as walking in and challenging him. Guzma is blocked behind a guard who asks for three Team Skull passwords. Don’t wanna look around? You can find Team Skull Passwords Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon below.

Team Skull Passwords

Team Skull Passwords Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Which one of these does our big sis like best?

Poison Jab


Which one of THESE does our big sis like best?



Which one of THESE does our big sis like best?

Tapu Cocoa


So you think the passwords are Beat Up, Golisopod, and Tapu Cocoa! Are you sure about that?


Once you have answered all of these questions, you will be able to make your way onto the roof. Head into Master Guzma’s room to challenge him to a Pokemon battle. Guzma uses Bug type Pokemon so plan your team accordingly. Beating Guzma allows you to progress further along the main story.


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  1. Crystal wolf says:

    This really helped me. I was to lazy to fight to get the passwords so this helped me since I just got Pokemon ultra sun

  2. Rayo says:

    Guzma is fire asf. The only cool character in the game. Fuck Lillie, she hella annoying

  3. Someone Whowantstostayanonymous says:

    You said Golisopod instead of Bounsweet

  4. Hiro says:

    My dick is so hard for Lillie..

  5. Kaytlyn burke says:

    After you put in the three passwords the guard says you think I’m that thick-skulled get out of here go home it’s not enough just to get the secret passwords right you numbskull if you’re serious about meeting Master guzma then you should know how teams go works and we aren’t an agreeable Bunch yo and see what you can learn about our great organization.

  6. Theodore Harris says:

    It Right Just said No You will get in

  7. Jamie says:

    Guys settle down no need to argue in the comments there is no reason to

  8. Oshawott says:

    Random opinion: I have a crush on guzma. Don’t ask me why.

  9. Samurott says:

    It’s poison jab, bounsweet, and Tapu Cocoa, then a solid NO!

  10. Emma says:

    I put in poison jab and then the choices were steenee bounsweet and tsareena whitch 1

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