Starfield: Amelia Earhart Companion

Image showing asking Amelia Earhart to join crew in Starfield.

The Starfield Amelia Earhart companion is a special companion that players can unlock by completing a hidden quest on the planet called Charybdis III. This hidden quest sees players discover a colony of famous Earth clones. These clones are being held prisoner by machines. To learn more about how to unlock Amelia Earhart as a companion, see our guide below.

Where to Find the Amelia Earhart Companion in Starfield

Image showing Charybdis III and the Crucible colony on it.
Visit the Crucible colony on Charybdis III.

To begin the process of getting Amelia Earhart as a companion, players must visit Crucible on the planet of Charybdis III in the Charybdis System. When players first arrive in the Charybdis System they will receive coordinates for the settlement they are to visit. Go to this location and then complete every step of the Operation Starseed mission.

Then Ask Amelia Earhart to Join Your Team

Once you’ve completed Operation Starseed, speak to Amelia Earhart just outside of Franklin’s building. She will talk about the result of the quest and will say she is now free to leave the settlement. At this point you can ask here to join your team. The companion Amelia Earhart has the following stats:

  • 2 Piloting.
  • 2 Rifle Certification.

Like other companions in the game you can trade gear with Amelia Earhart or use her to carry stuff for you. Additionally you can assign her to your ship or a colony you’ve built anywhere in the galaxy.

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