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There is a seasonal event in Animal Crossing New Horizons on October 31st that is an in-game celebration of Halloween. During this Halloween event an NPC called Jack takes over the town square. Jack wants you to give him candy and lollipops in return for seasonal rewards. These rewards range from things like clothing to furniture. One of the final rewards Jack gives players is the Spooky Wand. Learn more about this wand and how to make it for your self below.

How to Craft the Spooky Wand

The Spooky Wand is the final reward you get from Jack for delivering a total of three lollipops to him. Upon delivery of the third lollipop Jack will give you the recipe to make your own Spooky Wand. Like other items in the game you will first need to learn the recipe by reading it in your inventory. Once this is done you will then need to head to the workbench. At the workbench consult the Spooky Wand recipe to learn it requires the following to be crafted:

  • Spooky Lantern: seasonal item you can get during October. You can also get the recipe for this item during Halloween by giving candy to villagers.
  • Star Fragment: During evening where there are shooting stars you need to make a ‘wish’ on them. The next day you may find Star Fragments on across your island.

Once you have both to the items listed above you will be able to craft yourself this Halloween themed wand. Like other wands in the game this wand allows you to change your outfits on the fly. This is useful if you are a fashion conscious villager who likes to keep their look fresh.

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