All Jack Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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During the month of October in Animal Crossing New Horizons players can collect candy leading up to Halloween. Come Halloween night (5 PM – 12 AM) a special visitor called Jack appears in the town square. Jack can be given the candy you collect in return for rewards. To keep track of the things you get from Jack here’s a all Jack Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons list.

Every Item Jack Gives on Halloween

Jack is the Jack-o-Lantern wearing NPC that appears in your town square on Halloween evening. When you approach Jack and speak to him you will learn he wants candy. Candy can be acquired a few ways. Once you have candy return to Jack and give it to him to get a reward. After the first reward you will then need to find lollipops. Jack will give you the following items in exchange for candy and lollipops:

  • Jack’s Face (1 total candy given).
  • Haunt Reaction (after given first piece of candy).
  • Jack’s Robe (2 total candy given).
  • 10x Orange Pumpkins (after 2 total candy given).
  • Spooky Carriage (1 total lollipops given).
  • Spooky Carriage recipe (2 total lollipops given).
  • Spooky Wand recipe (3 total lollipops given).

Upon delivery of the third lollipop Jack will mention there being a reward for players that continue to bring lollipops to him. After giving him roughly 10 lollipops nothing seemed to have triggered either on that day or the next. If you know the requirements for this final reward from Jack let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list above.

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