Splitgate Referral Code Sharing Thread, Share Code with others

In Splitgate there is a special referral system that allows players to share codes with each other to earn rewards. The referral codes are inputted in game below XP Level 10. To help you find others to share your codes with this page will serve as a thread. See the Splitgate referral code sharing thread below to drop your codes and find others to use.

Referral Codes in Splitgate

Once you get into Splitgate you can share unique referral codes with each other to earn special rewards. Referral codes grant players a variety of rewards from the game’s referral pass. To enter the code access the Refer a Friend page in the Reward Center. On this page you will see a form that says Enter Referral Code. Input the referral code you have in this form.

On the Refer a Friend page you will also find Your Referral Code. The code can be copied and shared with other for them to use in their game. To facilitate this drop your code in the comments below. If you use other player’s codes be sure to reply with a thank you or some other nice comment so they know you used it.

Share your Splitgate Referral Code in the comments below.

Eli McLean

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2,018 responses

  1. Grizzly says:

    P45YMU is my code would love all the help

  2. sdadadasd says:

    Please Consider Using Mine: YF76FJ

  3. Zamao says:


  4. Sunny says:


  5. Scyberg says:


  6. dez N says:

    FQWLZ5 e

  7. dez N says:


  8. VorTekx130 says:


  9. Kaleb Henire says:


  10. PATH0L0GY says:

    ST13XH is my referral code , thanks for the help, im about to grind some accounts so if you use my code ill refer you back on alt accounts so we all can get the rewards from the referral pass, just hit me up on steam PATH0L0GY

  11. Volan says:

    KGNGFD any help appreciated

  12. TomWalker says:


  13. Proair14 says:


  14. David says:

    My code is XIUA3B. Appreciate any uses yall

  15. Aalyriaa says:

    Mines is B79CA9 🙂

  16. Keanu Reeeeeee says:

    Here’s mine peeps.


    Otherwise your mother will die a peaceful death surrounded by those she loves.

  17. Nato says:

    I’m at 8/9 one more person and I’ll have the skin! Please use mine! HS8MJJ

  18. Jordan says:


  19. Daniel Norris says:

    Please use my referral guys HPXIEY. Would mean alot

  20. Skadoosh says:

    Please please use mine 2SK7ZP

  21. hayes says:

    heres mine 2VHR74

  22. Narxx says:

    Here’s mine… 8ZWSEX

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