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In the Ostara Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are a number of side quests for players to complete to earn Festival Tokens. One of these side quests comes from Ake. This side quest from Ake tasks players with protecting Ravensthorpe from evil spirits. To help you complete this task use our Spiritual Defense guide below.

Where to Start Spiritual Defense

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The Spiritual Defense festival mission can be located to the northeast of Ravensthorpe next to the body of water there. At the marker on the map you will find Ake. Head there and wait for nightfall to trigger an interaction with Ake to learn what he wants. Basically Ake has a list of things you need to do to ensure that evil spirits are kept at bay. He will give you the first task on the list which is your first quest objective.

Find and Light the 8 Firepits

Image showing the map location of the 8 firepits during the Spiritual Defense mission.

The first quest step is to Find and Light the 8 Firepits around Ravensthorpe. There is one directly behind Ake in the water area so light it first by throwing a torch at it or interacting with it. Once that’s done head to the 7 locations on the map above to light the other fire pits. After you’ve lit them all return to Ake and speak to him.

Follow Ake into the Forest and Defeat Evil Spirits

When you return to Ake he will mention the next step. This step involves following him into the forest. Follow Ake to the Foul Totem. If needed wait for nightfall. Approach the Totem when you are able and activate it. This will cause 3 evil bear spirits to appear. Defeat the 3 spirits and Ake will speak to you, ending the quest. For your efforts you receive XP and 140 Festival Tokens.

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