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Image showing the first Separate Ways Cliff Stone Dais symbol location.

In Chapter 2 of the Separate Ways DLC you will encounter a locked door in the Cliff area after you see Leon fighting in the Village. To solve this puzzle you need to gather clues that indicate the proper dials to press. To help you solve this puzzle use our Separate Ways Cliff Stone Dais puzzle solution guide below.

In order to solve the Cliff door puzzle, you must identify the correct symbols to press on the nearby pedestal. To find the solution, you must actively explore the Cliff area and locate the three symbols, which are clearly marked with bright yellow paint.

Symbol 1 Location: Right of the Pedestal

The first symbol you encounter is located just to the right of the pedestal. This symbol is on the wall in bright yellow paint.

Symbol 2 Location: On Cliffside

Image showing the second Separate Ways Cliff Stone Dais symbol location.
Second Stone Dias Symbol location.

The second symbol you is located directly behind you on the cliffside. Turn around and look for it to the left of the wooden platforms that you can hookshot up to. There is also a Blue Medallion hanging off the wooden platform you can shoot as part of the Eradicate the Blue Medallions Request for the Merchant.

Symbol 3 Location: Wooden Platform

Image showing the third Separate Ways Cliff Stone Dais symbol location.
Third Stone Dias Symbol location.

To reach the third symbol hookshot to the wooden platforms and walk to the very end of them. You will see yellow paint on it and the platforms below. Lineup the paint so you make the third symbol.

Cliff Stone Dais Puzzle Solution

Image showing the solution to the Cliff Stone Dias puzzle in Separate Ways DLC.
The Cliff Stone Dais puzzle solution is to press these three symbols.

After discovering all three symbols mentioned above, return to the Stone Dais pedestal. Interact with it, and you’ll receive a prompt to press the three symbols located at positions 1/4/7 (starting from the top), as depicted in the screenshot above. Pushing these symbols will unlock the door, granting you access to the path leading to the Church.

There are more puzzles to solve as you advance through the DLC. Be sure to check out our other Separate Ways puzzle guides for help in solving them.

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