Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stones

Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stones Puzzle Solution.

In Chapter 8 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake there is a special puzzle players must complete to advance the main storyline. This puzzle becomes solvable after the first meeting with Ada in the Bindery. Following this meeting the player can open a door using 3 Lithographic Stones. To help you solve this puzzle see the Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stones solution below.

Lithographic Stones Locations

Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stones map locations.
Map locations of the 3 Lithographic Stones.

Once you have control of Leon turn to the right of the window to find the door that has the puzzle on it. Before we can solve the door puzzle we must collect the 3x Lithographic Stones in the Bindery. They are located as follows:

  1. Lithographic Stone B on bookshelf to the left of the puzzle door.
  2. In the glass case by the table is Lithographic Stone D.
  3. Lithographic Stone C located on the books by the door we entered the room through.

Pick up the three listed Lithographic Stones and head back to the puzzle door. With these stones in our inventory we can solve the puzzle by using them. Interact with the door to open the puzzle screen.

Lithographic Stones Puzzle Solution

The puzzle door has four places where you can place Lithographic Stones. We have 3x Lithographic Stones in our possession and the door has Lithographic Stone A already in it in the bottom slot. To solve this puzzle you need to place the correct stone in the correct slot of the doo.

To determine the sequence you need to look at the markings on the door. Each of the stones is double-sided with symbol, shape, and color. The proper sequence to solve the puzzle is:

Left Slot: Lithographic Stone A (Red Helmet/Hexagon).

Bottom Slot: Lithograpic Stone B (Blue Armor/Hexagon).

Right Slot: Lithograpic Stone C (Blue Sword/Square).

Top Slot: Lithographic Stone D (Red Shield/Square).

To ensure you place the proper stones remember that they can be rotated and swapped around. This makes the puzzle fairly simple to complete. Once the proper stones are slotted the door opens.

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