Resident Evil 3: Crafting Recipes List

In Resident Evil 3 you will spend your time fighting zombies, solving puzzles, and looting items. The items you loot go into your inventory where they inevitably take up space. To maximize space (and craft better items) you will want to combined different items into specific recipes. To keep track of the recipes use our Resident Evil 3 crafting recipes list below.

Resident Evil Combination Recipes

To craft new items in Resident Evil 3 you will want to open your inventory. Once the inventory is open you can highlight one item of the recipe and select combine. Select the next item you wish to combine with the previous item to create new items. There are multiple recipes for you to create:

  • Mixed Herb Recipe (medium healing): 2x Green Herb.
  • Mixed Herb Recipe (full healing): 3x Green Herb or 1x Green Herb + 1x Red Herb.
  • Handgun Ammo: 2x Gunpowder.
  • Shotgun Ammo: 1x Gunpowder + 1x High-Grade Gunpowder.
  • MAG Ammo: 2x High-Grade Gunpowder.
  • Explosive Rounds: 2x Explosive A.
  • Flame Rounds: 1x Explosive A + 1x Explosive B.
  • Acid Rounds: 2x Explosive B.

These are just some of the crafting recipes available for you in Resident Evil 3. If you find some recipes not listed above drop me a comment below and I will add them.

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