Remnant From the Ashes Status Effects List

Remnant: From the Ashes features a number of rpg elements including status effects. These status effects impact various aspects of play from things like lowering your healing to coughing mid action. To learn more about each status effect, check out our Remnant From the Ashes status effects list below.

Status Effects

Image showing the Root Rot status effect.

There are a number of status effects you can be afflicted with in Remnant: From the Ashes. These status effects impact your player and should be dealt with as soon as you succumb to them. When afflicted with a status effect you can see information on its effect by pressing start and viewing the box in the corner. For more information on each status effect, check out the list below which features the effect and treatment.

  • Root Rot (Infected): Random fits of coughing will interrupt you actions. Can be cured using Oilskin Tonic or sitting at a Checkpoint.
  • Bleeding (Deep Wound): You receive damage over time and all healing is halved. Use a Bandage or sit at a Checkpoint to cure.
  • Radiation (Irradiated): Your maximum stamina is halved. Can be cured using Heavy Water Elixir or sitting at a Checkpoint.
  • Burning: You are burning which deal damage over time. Can be put out by rolling, resting at a Checkpoint, or drinking Hydro Coolant.
  • Corroded: When Corroded your armor decreases. Can be cured using Greenleaf, or by resting at a Checkpoint.
  • Overloaded: ?. Can be cured using Ethereal Orb, or by resting at a Checkpoint.

That’s all the status effects in Remnant: From the Ashes. As you can see there are a few you will need to cure immediately as they will chip away at your health. Hope you found this guide helpful. Drop any comments in The Pit below.


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