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The third world you can visit in Remnant: From the Ashes is Corsus. This swamp filled planet is full of new enemies to fight and dungeons to explore. Like we’ve done for Earth and Rohm, here is our Corsus dungeons list.


  • Corsus is split up into two hubs: The Fetid Glade and The Mist Fen.
  • The Fetid Glade is always laid out as follows: Two Portals (one from Undying King and one from the Labyrinth) and an entrance to The Shack.
  • The Mist Fen (& Area) will always be laid out as follows: The Elf Queen NPC, boss dungeon, and The Grotto entrance.
  • You can narrow down what dungeon you are entering by observing the entrance to the dungeon. Each dungeon takes place within a certain environment, which is directly reflected in its entrance.
  • Note that there are zero no boss dungeons on this planet.
  • Also note that Corsus is largely optional since you can kill the Undying King and get the Labyrinth Key from him to avoid even going to this planet.

Corsus Boss Dungeons

Image showing one of the Corsus bosses.

The base game of Corsus only contains boss dungeons. You will fight one dungeon boss and one world end boss during a single playthrough. Besides these dungeons there is nothing else of note.

  • The Shack: Houses the thickness called The Unclean One. This fight occurs every playthrough.
  • The Drowned Trench (Cave Entrance): Pass through this area to reach Mire Hollow.
    • Mire Hollow: This area houses the boss named Canker.
  • The Capillary (Cave Entrance): Make your way through the Capillary to reach the Musk Forge.
    • Musk Forge: home of the Thrall boss.
  • The Grotto (Cave Entrance): home of the end world boss Ixillis. It will always be Ixillis. This boss dungeon dead ends.

Swamps of Corsus DLC Dungeons

Image showing the Dream Eater boss.

As of April 28th there is a new Swamps of Corsus DLC that adds additional dungeons, bosses, and quests to the Corsus Adventure Mode. This DLC costs $9.99 USD and must be installed to access the dungeons listed below.

  • Hall of Whispers (Spire Entrance): Cavern system you must traverse to reach the Corrupted Sanctum.
    • Corrupted Sanctum: Home of the boss named Dream Eater.
  • Needle Lair (Spire Entrance): Head through this location to reach the Throne of Barbs.
    • Throne of Barbs: Location of the boss named Barbed Terror.
  • Iskal Sanctum (Spire Entrance): Home to the Iskal Queen. Speak to her to get the Cryptolith Sigil. Choose Fight to start a boss fight with her.
  • Fetid Pools (Spire Entrance): Make your way through this dungeon to reach a dead end with a number of locked doors. Behind these doors are rewards.
  • Circlet Hatchery (Cave Entrance): Destroy all blue pods dangling from the ceiling in this dungeon to get the Soul Ember Ring.
  • Strange Pass (Cave Entrance): Head through this cavern system to reach Mar’Gosh’s Lair.
    • Mar’Gosh’s Lair (Quest): Defeat the Brain Bug in this location to receive the Gift of the Iskal (Ring).

That’s all for our Corsus dungeons list. If we missed any dungeons, let us hear about it in The Pit below. While your there tell us which dungeon you think is the best and why? Check out our final guide to the dungeons on Yaesha.



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