Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless pod room.

The Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless is a dungeon players may encounter on N’Erud. To complete this dungeon you need to reach the very end of it. Doing this unlocks a special Trait and gives you access to a room containing a rare item. To learn more about the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless dungeon, see our complete guide below.

Where to find the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless map location and entrance.
The entrance to the Dormant N’ Erudian Facility.

The Vault of the Formless is one of the possible dungeons that players can get in The Eon Vault area of N’Erud. This dungeon This dungeon is accessible by going through its gate when you found it. There are a number of pods around the entrance that signify a this level.

How to Complete the Vault of the Formless Dungeon in Remnant 2

To complete the Vault of the Formless dungeon you need to reach the very end of this. This means exploring through the first section which is basically just a number of rooms. Once you reach the second section, things become a bit more complicated to complete.

The second section of this dungeon puts you in a large pod storage room with a huge mechanical arm. This arm moves the pods in the room around. To traverse this room you need to wait for the mechanical arm to create the path forward for you by rotating pod cylinders. While you are waiting enemies will attack you. Clear the enemies and move forward when the arm makes a path for you.

Vault of the Formless Key Location

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless key.
Stand in the cylinder at this location to reach a new path leading to the key.

While you are completing this section of the dungeon there is a key you can grab to get a weapon at the end. This key is well off the beaten path and very easy to miss. To ensure you don’t miss the key do the following:

  1. Reach the second cylinder the arm turns (shown in screenshot above).
  2. Stand in the cylinder and wait.
  3. The arm turns the cylinder to connect to a new path.
  4. Go down new path.
  5. Go in the room on your left to get the House Lythla Glyph.

Once you have the key continue through the rest of the dungeon to the very end. When you reach the end you will unlock the Fitness Trait. This Trait increases Evade distance. As you level up the Trait the Evade distance grows larger.

After you’ve unlocked the Trait proceed to the next room. On your right you will see a door that is locked. Approach the door and interact with it. Use the House Lythla Glyph to open it. Go to the end of the catwalk in this room to reach a pod that has the Rupture Cannon handgun in it.

This is not the only dungeon players can complete in N’Erud. There is another dungeon called the Dormant N’Erudian Facility. Complete this dungeon to unlock the Siphoner Trait.

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