Remnant 2 Severed Hand

Remnant 2 Severed Hand reward.

The Remnant 2 Severed Hand event is a possible event that players can do in the different Sewer dungeons on Losomn. This event tasks players with finding and retrieving a Severed Hand Quest Item from within a cage. Once you have the Severed Hand you can get a couple of Rings from it. To learn more about this Quest Item see our Remnant 2 Severed Hand guide below.

Where to Start the Severed Hand Event in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Severed Hand event location.
Destroy the breakables in this room to reach the event area.

You can start the Severed Hand event in any of the Sewer dungeons on Losomn. This means there is the chance the event appears in Tiller’s Rise, The Great Sewer, and Harvester’s Reach. When the event has spawned in your dungeon you will find a room that looks like the one pictured above. In this room are some breakables blocking a hole in the grate. Destroy the breakables to reach a new area where the event occurs.

How to Complete the Severed Hand Event in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Severed Hand.
The Severed Hand Quest Item.

When you enter the event area make your way forward until you reach the room that has all of the hanging cages in it. About midway through this room look up and you will find a cage with a purple item in it. Shoot the item in the cage to get it to fall to the platform below.

Use the platforms on the other side of the room to climb up to above the Quest Item then drop down to it. Pick up the Severed Hand to add it to your inventory under the Quest Item tab. The Severed Hand has the following description:

“This hand seems normal enough, but it’s as tense as a bowstring. Did it just move?”

Once you have the hand you may be wondering what you can do with it. There are two possible outcomes from using this item.

Severed Hand Rings

To get your reward from the Severed Hand event, inspect the Severed Hand Quest Item. When you look at this item you will notice that there is a Ring on the hand’s finger. Hover over the Ring and you will get a prompt to Interact with it. Doing this pulls the Ring off the finger. There are two possible Rings the player can get from this:

  • Ring of the Damned: Increase all the damage dealt by 10% while Grey Health is present.
  • Strong Arm Band: Increases Throw Distance by 30 and increases effectiveness of Combat Consumables by +0.5%.

Because there are two possible rewards for this event you need to complete it at least twice. There is a chance you receive the same Ring when you complete it again, so you may require multiple attempts to get the Ring you are missing.

There are other Sewer events you may encounter. They include the Man in the Sewer, the Flooded Sewer, and opening the hidden, item-filled, Safe.

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