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In the tutorial area of Rygjafylke in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will find a number of World Events you can complete. These World Events are short little quests that reward you with materials or silver when finished. One of the World Events you will encounter in this area is called Raider Recruit. This World Event tasks you with helping a character named Rolf the Raider who is putting together a raiding party. Rolf knowing how strong you are invites you to visit his recruits on the dock. Learn how to do this World Event below.

Where to Find Raider Recruit

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You can find the Raider Recruit event within the village of StaVanger, located in the Rygjafylke territory. At the location marked on the map above you will encounter Rolf the Raider standing just to the south of the dock. Speak to Rolf the Raider to learn what he wants from you. Basically he needs you to visit his recruits to beat some sense into them. This will start the World Event.

How to Complete Raider Recruit

After your conversation with Rolf, he will instruct you to follow him to the location of his Raiders. Follow Rolf to the northern dock to find the Recruits in a circle holding a fist fight. At this location speak to Rolf again to trigger the next portion of the World Event which is to compete in a fight. You need to defeat three enemies in a fist fight. Two in the first round and one in the second. Upon defeat of the third enemy speak to Rolf once again to receive your reward of Silver, XP, and +1Rygjafylke Mysteries. This ends the Raider Recruit World Event.

This World Event is just one of many players can complete in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. For help with other quests you may stumble upon check our guide hub.

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