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The first Pokemon Gym you will visit in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the Turffield Gym. This gym is ran by the Gym Leader called Milo. Milo specializes in Grass-type Pokemon. To help you get through the first Pokemon Gym use our Turffield gym guide below.

Important Notes

  • Effective Types in Party: Fire (Super Effective), Flying, Bug-Type.
  • Items you want on hand: Paralyze Heal, Antidote, Potions.

Enter Turffield Stadium

Image showing the Turffield Stadium entrance.

The Grass Gym can be found in the center of the Turffield town. Make your way over to the gym and talk to Hop. After you’ve spoken with Hop head inside the Turffield Stadium. Inside the entrance of the stadium speak to ball guy to get the Friend Ball. After this head over to the lady start the Turffield Gym Mission.

How to Complete the Turffield Gym Mission

Image showing the Turffield Gym mission.

The Gym Mission for the Turffield Gym is to chase unruly Wooloo into a holding area. You need to catch a total of 20 Wooloo inside the designated area in the zone. You need to do this a total of four times in four different areas. Each area gets progressively harder with trainers and wild Pokemon that can scare the Wooloo.

Area 1

In the first area simply run behind the Wooloo to get them into the area needed. Once you’ve done this the next area will open this second area features a roaming Pokemon you may fight and a trainer you have to fight to advance.

Area 2

In area two you will want to either fight the Pokemon or ignore it while you move the Wooloo across the area. Once you’ve reached the end you will fight the first trainer, Gym Trainer Samuel. Gym Trainer Samuel uses one Pokemon:

  • Grossifleur (Lv.16).

Defeat Gym Trainer Samuel and head into area three with your Wooloo.

Area 3

The third area has a roaming Pokemon that will scare the Wooloo causing them to scatter around the hedges. Spur the ones on that are easy to access then fight the Gym Trainer Mark (if needed). Gym Trainer Mark uses two Pokemon:

  • Budew (Lv.16).
  • Oddish (Lv.17).

Wrangle the remaining Wooloo into the pen to reach the final area.

Area 4

Area four is the final area you need to complete before advancing to the fight with Milo. To complete this area you need to avoid the two pokemon while wrangling the Wooloo to the other end of the area. There is also a trainer here to fight. This trainer is called Gym Trainer Leah. Leah uses the following Pokemon:

  • Bounsweet (Lv.17).
  • Oddish (Lv.16).

After the fourth area head up into the Turrfield Stadium to trigger the Gym Leader fight with Milo.

How to Defeat Milo

Image showing the Gym Leader Milo in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Inside the stadium you will trigger a cutscene with Milo. During this cutscene you will learn Milo will be Dynamaxing his Pokemon to win. Milo uses the following Pokemon during the fight:

  • Gossifleur (Lv.19).
  • Eldegoss (Lv.20): this is the Pokemon Milo will Dynamax.

You can counter the Eldegoss Dynamax by Dynamaxing a Pokemon that is super effective against it. I dynamaxed my Raboot to take Eldegoss out easily.

Upon defeat of Milo you will receive the Grass Badge. This badge allows you to catch Pokemon up to Level 25. That’s pretty nice. After receiving the badge you will get the TM10 Magical Leaf as well as Milo’s uniform. Once you’ve receive all of these items Milo will tell you then next gym to visit which is located in Hulbury.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Turffield gym. What did you think of the first gym in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? Let me know in the comment below.

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